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The best baby monitor for new parents

You always want to be close to your baby 24 hours a day. However, you can’t be in his or her room all day long, and this is what a baby monitor is for. It allows you to keep an eye on your little one without visiting their room. Remember those days when you wake up in the middle of the night, and silently tiptoe over to check on your napping baby? Who knows you might even accidentally step on the creaky and squeaky scattered toys on the floor and wake your baby up!

Thanks to the help of best baby monitors on the market - the top rated baby monitor, you can have peace of mind since they give you a feeling that you’re always close to your little angel, no matter where you are in your house. More importantly, it allows you to sleep a little longer, and eventually, take care of your baby better. So why not let us take you through a list of best baby monitors? Sounds great? Let’s take a look!

1. Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor

Technical specifications
  • Dimension: 10.00 x 6.10 x 4.00 inches
  • Maximum range: 10.000 feet
  • Power source: Rechargeable battery
  • Battery type: 2900mAh battery
  • Battery run time: 15 hours
  • Screen size: 5 inches
  • Video resolution: 720p
  • Zoom features: zoom 1.5x to 2x time

Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor surpasses our expectations in terms of setups, specs, and functions. Firstly, it is easy to set up, as you do not need to create an account or wait for the app on your phone to pair it with the device. Secondly, it comes at 10.00 x 6.10 x 4.00 inches, which is about the size of an iPhone 7, allowing you to keep it in your palms. Thirdly, it features a 720p video resolution, which means you can see your baby clearly.

The most outstanding function of Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor is its bug-eye design. What does this mean exactly? Well, it lets you pan the camera 330 degrees in the horizontal direction and 110 degrees in the vertical direction. You can have a good view of the entire room, so your baby is always within your eyesight, no matter where she or he is hiding. With all of these excellent features, Spaceview has, unsurprisingly, earned a spot on different baby video monitor reviews as the best baby monitor camera.

2. Nanit Plus Camera

Technical specifications
  • Dimensions: 3.3 x 3.5 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Style: camera & wall mount
  • Batteries required: no
  • Video resolution: 960-pixel HD
  • Two-way audio: yes
If you’re looking for the top-rated video baby monitor, look no further, as Nanit Plus Camera is your ideal choice. It is a smart baby monitor with two-way audio, allowing you to listen while still using other apps. Plus, it provides you with notifications of real-time sound and motion. Nanit Plus Camera deserves to be ranked as one of the best-rated baby monitors. Parents can feel assured that they invest on the right device to keep an eye on their little one, as TIME Magazine named this little monitor one of the “Best Inventions of 2018”.

3. Angelcare Baby Monitor AC117

Technical specifications
  • Dimensions: 9.50 x 0.60 x 9.48 inches
  • Weight: 1.26 pounds
  • Maximum range: 820 feet
  • Batteries required: yes
  • Battery life: 12 hours
  • Two-way talk: yes
AC117 from Angelcare is the best audio baby monitor, as it features high-quality digital audio, allowing parents to better respond to the baby’s movements and needs. Also, its movement monitors are rated as the most-trusted by experts and users all over the world. Thanks to the Movement Sensor Pad from AC117, parents now can relax, have a yoga session or squeeze a few more hours of sleep while their baby is sleeping.

Are you wondering what’s so special about this pad? Well, this large, wireless pad is a patented design from Angelcare to keep track of even the subtlest movements of your newborn. But where to keep it? Place the pad under your baby’s mattress! Couldn’t be more convenient, right?

4. Owlet Digital Video Monitor

Technical specifications
  • Dimensions: 3.9 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches
  • Weight: 1.98 pounds
  • Power source: electricity
  • Sensor technology: Nightvision
  • Maximum Operating Range: 150 feet
  • Video resolution: HD 1080p
  • Two-way talk: yes
  • Lens width: 130 degrees wide-angle lens
  • Wireless frequency: 2.4GHz
Parents of newborns rated Owlet Digital Video Monitor as the best wifi baby monitor, and we understand the reasons behind this top rating. The video monitor from Owlet has some of the most advanced features that you can find on the market. Its movement sensor and alarm let you hear and see your baby via HD-quality video and audio, no matter where you are in the world. Also, if you’re looking for baby monitors that work with iPhone, then Owlet Digital Video Monitor is probably the perfect choice, as it is not only fantastic but also connects with your iPhone easily.

Moreover, the 130 degrees wide-angle lens of Owlet Digital Video Monitor gives you the full picture of your baby. Also, it automatically adjusts to night vision during night time. Are you wondering if this sophisticated video monitor’s wires might not be safe for your baby? Fret not! It is a wall-mounted device, so you can safely mount it on the wall. If we were asked “what is the best baby monitor?”, we would say that it should be the smartest, like the Owlet Digital Video Monitor.

5. Motorola MBP36XL Baby Monitor

Technical specifications
  • Dimensions: 3.68 x 6.20 x 0.80 inches
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Screen size: 5 inches
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Maximum range: 1000 feet
  • Power source: rechargeable battery
  • Battery life: 9.5 hours
  • Two-way audio: yes
Motorola is one of the top-rated baby monitors in the US, and MBP36XL has proven why this brand deserves this leading position. MBP36XL has a 1,000-foot range, allowing you to have the perfect view of your baby’s room. Its pan and tilt camera function is easy to use. All you need to do is: use the left and right buttons if you need to pan or press the up and down buttons if you want to tilt.

The bottom line

A baby monitor reduces stress for parents. It also allows them to sleep better at night, helps them to get things done while their little one is sleeping. Parents who are keen on a reliable audio baby monitor would find AC117 from Angelcare a great choice. Those who love to see their little one whenever they go can choose to go with Nanit Plus Camera baby monitor as it’s one of the top-rated video baby monitors.

If you are into smart technology and want to have a wifi baby monitor, then Owlet Digital Video Monitor is worth your attention, as it always tops the lists of baby monitor reviews. Regardless of which model you pick, all of the five above models were carefully researched to provide you with an informative review. We hope our post was helpful. Click share if you like it, and feel free to leave us your comments below.

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