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Is all this information correct?

CT Tim
07-18-2006, 03:59 PM
Ok,I'm sure everyone has seen my posts about the poor mpg on my 2000 ls w/ 100k on it.
Everything that I can think of regarding the fuel has been addressed-I also spoke with a dealer today and he told me about a recall that was issued for the fuel pressure regulator but as he checked it via the vin; the last owner had it taken care of last summer (approx. 4k miles ago).
He was rather stumped, but listed other things that it might be such as manifold, or a vaccum leak, but he also continued to state that if there was a problem in any of those areas I would notice a decrease in power and/ or some type of check engine light would appear.
He mentioned something about a fuel induction service but didn't seem too confident that would do anything.
I just wanted to double check with the experts on this board to confirm that everything he said was correct and if there could be anything else that it could possibly be.
I thank everyone in advance for their replies-

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