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1997 Saturn SL full door removal help?

04-25-2017, 11:35 PM
I've recently had an accident that is preventing me from opening my driver door completely on my '97 Saturn SL, and I have been looking for a way to remove the door and replace it ad insurance won't cover the door replacement. anyone know of a way to remove it?

also to any admins, I apologize if this is in the wrong thread. As I am fairly new to making posts on any website.

Blue Bowtie
04-27-2017, 10:04 PM
Does this help?


04-27-2017, 10:32 PM
no, but what I did find out was on the door itself are some bolts holding the door to the hinge, removing those 4 bolts and the elephant hose allowed me to remove the door and install a new one. But thanks for the help

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