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1998 SL2 Won't start after Garmin use

03-19-2012, 06:08 PM
Not sure if this is the issue, but I know for a fact that the car starts fine in other circumstances, but if the Garmin is plugged in, or the fan is on, or the fan and raido (with the car running), for about 25 minutes or so, then if the car is turned off, it will not start again. But if you wait for an hour or so, then the car can be re-started.

I still will get dash lights and such, and no clicks, but I get nothing. I took it in and had the battery and alternator checked, and they said they were fine. Took it to what passes for a Saturn dealer now days and paid $230 bucks for fix the ignition/key switch, and nothing.

Seems to me that somehow, during operation, something is heating up (probably with the aid of running the Garmin through the lighter or the fan), that is interfering with the car starting. But when allowed to cool, it starts fine.

Any thoughts would be welcome.

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