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Re: 1/24 Nissan 300ZX - A copy of my 1:1 car

I thought I was pretty close to getting the rear end nicely shaped, although remembered I had an old Tamiya 300ZX convertible kit I'd built some years ago which I could pop the rear "glass" out of to test the new shape. This is pretty important as the kit clear piece is no longer the correct shape since I removed the wing.

It seems I still hadn't filed enough off, so I've taken to it again with a vengeance and now it's almost right. Just lucky I had that old convertible kit to test before I put any paint on it! I've also ordered a replacement rear glass/clear piece from , so hopefully they'll source and post that before too long.

Most of the interior and suspension parts all painted black. There's not a whole lot more to do with the suspension and a lot of it can be assembled without too much more attention. I'm not going to do much to the underside of the kit as I just don't ever look at the bottom of them.

Cheers all.
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