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AutomotiveForums.com Nissan 350Z Project VehicleAutomotiveForums.com is serious about automotive performance. In November of 2002, we acquired a '03 Nissan 350Z Touring (6-Speed, Brickyard) as a prospective project vehicle that can be representative of our vision for the automotive world. This section will be continuously updated as we build our Z to be an examplary masterpiece of what a modified performance car should possess - power, agility, and elegance.

Scheduled Events - 2004
  • Mid-Ohio | April 2-4 | Gallery
  • Putnam Park | April 17-18 | Video
  • Mid-Ohio | April 23 | Video
  • Players Run (NY to LA) | June 5-12 | Gallery
  • Putnam Park | June 21.
  • Mid-Ohio | August 20-22 | Gallery
  • BeaveRun | September 4-6 | Gallery

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    December 12th, 2004
    Roll Cage from rear view We have some updated photos of the progress on the roll cage for the AF 350Z.

    Visit the photo gallery of the AF 350Z - the first 9 photos are new!
    September 7th - November 19th, 2004
    Our car nakedWe have teamed up with Lawrence Mansier of Mansier Motorsports to build an ultimate forced induction road race 350Z! Lawrence has numerous year of experience in building cars as well as racing them. He is currently the Director of the Ohio/Indiana and the Mid-West Regions for NASA Pro Racing. Currently, our 350Z is at Mid-Coast Performance for the cage building.

    In the coming months, we will keep you updated of our progress with information, photographs, and videos. So far the completion target date is March 1st. We will see how that goes....

    Visit the photo gallery of the AF 350Z getting stripped down, as our first step building it to be an ultimate road race car!
    September 4th-6th, 2004
    Grrrr!Was this an adventure! The drive from Lexington, KY to Beaverun took 7 1/2 hours with the Labor day traffic. Once at the track, everything seemed in order, but of course it was not. Within 5 minutes of the first session on the track, the car lost all grip in turn 1 (around 70 MPH), and it began to fishtail. Igor Sushko managed to regain control and pull over. White smoke was pouring out of the engine bay like crazy - one of the coolant pipes got blown off. It took the entire rest of the day to troubleshoot the problem and fix it. However, the car began to overheat every time it went on the track within 5 minutes of the session on day 2, and it all seemed very odd. Not until day 3 was the problem identified - someone had broken a plastic neck for the coolant return line off of the radiator itself and decided that gluing it back will be a satisfactory solution! It seems that this glue began to let go during this weekend, causing the radiator to lose pressure, thus decreasing the boiling point of the fluid.
    All in all, it was certainly an educational experience. The track is nice, but does not compare to Mid-Ohio in terms of complexity or joy-level. Fastest time in the AF 350Z was 1:07, with Igor having only a few laps under his belt due to the overheating problems. We want to thank Lawrence Mansier (NASA Director OH/IN Region) for all of his assistance.

    Photo Gallery from the weekend at BeaveRun (many sexy shots of the AF 350Z)
    August 20th-22nd, 2004
    Grrrr!The AF 350Z traveled to Lexington, Ohio's Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course to participate in a NASA-sanctioned event. The car was entered to compete in Time Trial Class B, which resulted in our first victory! Igor Sushko got a 1:42:030 lap time on Saturday which was not challenged for the remainder of the weekend. We would like to thank all of our sponsors for helping us build such a wonderful car.

    Photo Gallery from the weekend at Mid-Ohio, including many damaged race cars!
    August 18th-19th, 2004
    To prepare for the August 20-22 NASA event at Mid-Ohio, several things had to be taken care of -

  • The Tilton carbon clutch was disassembled and a spacer plate was added. This is a necessary maintenance procedure for clutches that use carbon discs. Having done this a few times already, the entire process took about 2:30 of actual working time.
    The exhaust comes off.. and the carbon driveshaft...
    The Nissan 6-speed transmission is actually not too heavy This is the carbon dust from the clutch discs
    and the cleaned Tilton clutch goes back on, along with a thicker spacer plate in place.
  • SR Racing fitted us in their tight schedule for some dyno tuning and corner balancing / alignment. The car was tuned to around 360 whp with safe A/F ratios throughout the rev-band and lots of timing pulled to ensure predetonation will not be an issue at the race track. To everyone's surprise, the car was nearly perfectly corner balanced, even though we are running KW coilovers that have lowered the car. Alignment was also unnecessary to modify.
    The Superflow Dyno interface Jim Schings preparing the car for dyno The AF 350Z on the scales
  • Yokohama sent us a set of Advan Competition tires - ADVAN A048. Even though we are running same-size BBS RE wheels in front and rear (18x9.5 +22), we decided to try a slight stagger. The front tires are 265/35/18 and rear tires are 285/30/18. This however, took us front 3 PM until past 7:30 PM on August 19th - and my initial plan was to depart for Mid-Ohio no later than 5:00 PM. The issue we encountered was the extraordinary stiff sidewalls, preventing the bead from sitting correctly (popping). We ended up having to put over 90 PSI of air into the tires to make the bead pop. Kudos to Nick and Shawn at Street Sports!! We also want to thank Sean Morris of RB Motoring for being there whenever advice (whether it be regarding cars or life.. girls) was sought after.
    Advan A048 tires on AF 350Z Advan A048 tires on AF 350Z - creative transportation! Advan A048 tires on AF 350Z
    Advan A048 tires on AF 350Z Advan A048 tires on AF 350Z Advan A048 tires on AF 350Z
    Advan A048 tires on AF 350Z Advan A048 tires on AF 350Z Advan A048 tires on AF 350Z

    We want to thank these AF 350Z sponsors:
    Thank you Street Sports! Thank you SR Racing! Thank you Yokohama!
  • August 16th, 2004
    Intake piping in front of the supercharger was added to allow easy cleaning / replacement for the filter. Also, the Greddy EGT Warning gauge was installed, as it finally arrived. Some photographs from the installations are available in the AF 350Z 08/16/04 Gallery. Thank you Nick for great custom fabrication!
    A 3.5-inch intake pipe added in front of the supercharger
    July 12th, 2004
    AF 350Z Project Vehicle Video (Vol. 1) is now available for download! 5 min 29 sec, .wmv format, 12.3 MB ZIP archive
    A big update including the story of the Players Run 2004 is coming soon!
    June 3rd - 4th, 2004
    The Twin-Plate Carbon/Carbon clutch and lightweight flywheel arrived from Tilton Racing in the mid-afternonn on June 3rd. We had to install it before the departure to New York, as we had to get there by the evening of the 4th. However, the body work was not yet done, so Nick Walker and I had to wait for Jon to complete everything. We finally got to installing the clutch in the evening on the 3rd. We ended up working the the entire night, receiving help from 3 other people in dropping/lifting the transmission. The XERD headers hug the transmission in such a way that at one point we thought removing headers might be necessary for the tranismission to drop (Another 10-12 hours... yikes!). After 6 separate attempts, the transmission slipped through and we got to business. By the time the transmission was bolted back on, it was already June 4th, the day to leave for Players Run! But we were not done - the spark plugs had to be replaced and the car had to be decked out with our sponsor stickers ... weird noises kept on coming out of Street Sports until well past 4:00 AM on June 4th.
    With absolutely no sleep, Igor Sushko drove off to New York at 6 AM.
    We would like to thank Jason and Jeff at Performance Nissan of Duarte, CA, Tilton Racing, and most of all everyone at Street Sports for meeting this very strict deadline.

    Thank you Street Sports!
    Thank you Tilton!
    Thank you Performance Nissan!
    Tilton Twin-Plate Carbon Clutch - so pretty Tilton Lightweight Flywheel New fender fitted on the car The entire clutch weighs a mere 6 lbs The flywheel is 8.6 lbs Clutch and flywheel total 14.6 lbs - looks like the Law of Conservation of Matter is indeed valid Direct comparison of Tilton's 7.25'' clutch to the stock clutch The transmission is off! The stock, old, ugly clutch and flywheel Tilton flywheel in place and the clutch ready to be bolted on After the new clutch was put in, Nick Walker replaced the spark plugs. We picked Greddy (NGK) 5-degree plugs, which are 2 degrees colder than stock (7) The Nissan 350Z stock clutch and flywheel weigh a total of 45.2 lbs! KW Suspension decal Yes, more stickers Very messy Yokohama decal AF windshield banner going on 3:37 AM, June 4th and we're still not done! Cool angle
    June 1st - 3rd, 2004
    The damage from the accident at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course on April 2nd New fender ready to go New fender fitted on the car Buffing off some of the small paint dings/chips on the bumper As the body work is being done, we experience some really ominous weather Looks badass! Ready for paint Perfect-looking bumper again thanks to Jon @ Street Sports! Oh, yes, she's a beauty! Buffing the fresh paint The difference is clear! Shawn Sexton of Street Sports caught in an awkward pose The body repairs began at Street Sports today in preparation for the Players Run. A new left-front fender was acquired from a local Nissan dealership and Jon began the work of fixing the infinitely numerous number of damage spots on the bumper along with replacing the fender. The weather during the process was so amazingly unique that we had to snap a photo; what you see is a tornado-ready weather. As the pictures to the right show, the car looked quite interesting at times.
    May 25th, 2004
    Thank you Street Sports!
    Nick Walker of Street Sports installed the Greddy Turbo Timer in the center console for elegant, almost-concealed looks.
    The center console out of the car Greddy Turbo Timer on AF 350Z Project Greddy Turbo Timer on AF 350Z Project
    May 23rd, 2004
    Rogue Engineering Short Shifter for Nissan 350ZWe would like to thank David Zeckhausen of Zeckhausen Racing for sending us the Rogue Engineering Short Shifter for the AF 350Z Project. The installation was swift and end result great. The shorter throws are achieved by a slight lengthening of the shifter itself - making shifts slightly quicker and more precise.
    May 22nd, 2004
    AF Nissan 350Z on the dyno SR Racing's Jim Schings administering the SuperFlow dyno An enormous screen readout of the dyno output on the wall SR Racing's specialty is the Formula Vee cars A flow bench to optimize engine performance A customer's Mustang engine getting ready to be rebuilt The engine dyno A look at the engine dyno from the outside Thank you SR Racing!
    The AF Z yet again traveled to SR Racing for another dyno tune session to ensure that no troubles will be experienced during the Players Run, which takes place from June 5-12.
    The air-fuel ratio and timing was quite good with no manipulation being necessary, so we decided to take some pictures of SR Racing's wonderful facility. Operated by Jim and Greg Schings (Father and Son), the building features a flow bench, a chassis dyno (inertial and eddy current), an engine dyno, and lots of vacant room. SR Racing focuses on building Formula Vee engines.
    May 17th, 2004
    The car received a dyno tune at SR Racing's facility. The Split Second box that comes with the Vortech Supercharger allows alteration of the fuel map and timing retard. After about 2 hours of tuning, the car gained nearly 30whp at top end, and a significant area difference under the curve. Download the video (.mov format, 7.52 MB. Right click and "Save as..")
  • PEAKS: 376.1 whp & 324.4 ft-lbs.
  • Average power from 4500-6500 RPM: 330 whp.

    Comparison of Dyno Graphs - Before and After Tuning Comparison of Dyno Graphs - Before and After Supercharger
    Before and After Tuning Posing for the camera N/A Baseline to Supercharger Comparison

  • May 14th, 2004
    With the arrival of the Yokohama tires, the BBS RE wheels finally went on the car.
    BBS RE 18x9.5 Wheels with Yokohama AVS Sport 275/35/18 tires BBS RE 18x9.5 Wheels with Yokohama AVS Sport 275/35/18 tires BBS RE 18x9.5 Wheels with Yokohama AVS Sport 275/35/18 tires
    BBS RE 18x9.5 Wheels with Yokohama AVS Sport 275/35/18 tires BBS RE 18x9.5 Wheels with Yokohama AVS Sport 275/35/18 tires BBS RE 18x9.5 Wheels with Yokohama AVS Sport 275/35/18 tires
    We expected having to roll the front fenders in order to fit 18x9.5 +24 wheels with 275/35/18 tires, but that was unnecessary, even after the car was slightly lowered with the KW Coilovers.
    Impressions: The steering response is incredibly quicker than before and the car feels significantly more stable overall.
    The KW Variant 3 Suspension Coilovers followed -
    KW Variant 3 Coilovers on AF Nissan 350Z Project Car KW Variant 3 Coilovers on AF Nissan 350Z Project Car KW Variant 3 Coilovers on AF Nissan 350Z Project Car
    KW Variant 3 Coilovers on AF Nissan 350Z Project Car KW Variant 3 Coilovers on AF Nissan 350Z Project Car KW Variant 3 Coilovers on AF Nissan 350Z Project Car
    We chose the middle height settings for both front and rear and kept compression/rebound at the preset level for the time-being.
    Impressions: The difference is superb. Whereas the car was previously a tail-happy monster, it now feels well-grounded, comfortably hugging the road. Surprisingly, the ride comfort has not decreased. A test drive on new wheels/tires before the coilover swap definately demonstrated more road noise and sensitivity, but the coilovers do not seem to have an effect.
    .. and Greddy Boost and Wideband O2 (A/F) gauges were installed -
    Greddy Boost and A/F Gagues Greddy Boost and A/F Gagues Greddy Boost and A/F Gagues
    The placement of the gagues is temporary as we await the arrival of our brackets and the Greddy EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) gauge.
    May 12th, 2004
  • Tomorrow, Yokohama AVS Sport tires (275/35/18 all around) should arrive, which will be followed by a quick mounting and balancing operation on the BBS RE wheels that are eager to perform on the car. Some front fender modifications may be necessary.
  • KW's adjustable coilovers are scheduled to arrive this Friday, the 14th. We plan on installing them the same day!
  • Dyno tuning of the Split Second box is planned for Saturday.
  • We have decided on Tilton's Twin-Plate Carbon/Carbon Clutch. We are hoping it can be manufactured before the Players Run Rally.
  • May 5th, 2004
    Vortech's Centrifugal Supercharger with an air-to-air intercooler went on the AF 350Z. We would like to thank Nick and Shawn at Street Sports. The car feels amazingly quicker and dyno tuning is coming up on Saturday, May 15th, at SR Racing's facility. View the installation documentation here. The installation took quite some time, but overall it was pretty straightforward. With Split Second's FTC1 ECM, we will be able to adjust timing retard as well as the fuel map. Although the box comes pre-configured from Vortech, additional tuning is sure to yield quite a bit more power as well as reliability. Sound clips of the car sound before and after are coming soon...
    Vortech is a proud sponsor of the AF 350Z - Thank you Vortech!
    May 3rd, 2004
    We are happy to announce our newest sponsor - KW Suspensions. The AF 350Z will be equipped with KW Variant 3 Coilovers. With Tein, JIC, and KW being the top candidates for our project, we chose KW for the company's superior racing background and product quality. Compression, rebound, and height are all independently adjustable.
    KW is a proud sponsor of the AF 350Z - Thank you KW!
    April 20th, 2004
    We are happy to announce our newest sponsor - BBS of America. We chose BBS RE 18x9.5 +24 (one piece, forged, 20 lbs) for front and rear. This setup will require slight fender modifications in the front.
    BBS is a proud sponsor of the AF 350Z - Thank you BBS!
    April 17th-18th, 2004
    We traveled to Mount Meridian, Indiana, for some track time at Putnam Park Road Course. The weather was a great contrast from the Mid-Ohio days earlier this month, but it was probably a bit too warm and sunny. BMW Car Club of America organized the event and it certainly went great.
    In-Car Video is coming soon...
    AF Nissan 350Z AF Nissan 350Z AF Nissan 350Z
    April 15th, 2004
    The Custom Camera MountIn preparation for Putnam Park, Nick at Street Sports custom fabricated a digital camcorder mount in the trunk of the AF 350Z. In addition, we swapped the AXXIS Ultimate pads with the PFC 97 racing pads - they may squeak like a pig, but they sure work great!

    The necessary holes were already in the chassis - dig under the trunk mats and they're right there! The view from the camera's perspective Zoomed in...
    Nick working it Some welding was necessary The final product is perfect - very rigid and precise height to capture the action at the coming tracks!

    April 2nd-4th, 2004
    Igor Sushko preparing to go on the track in AF 350Z ProjectThe AF 350Z participated in the NASA-sanctioned Mid-Ohio racing event (Lexington, Ohio). This was a wonderful opportunity for Igor Sushko to gain track experience, and he managed quite well. However, there was an incident:
    "As I was coming out of the carousel and into the straight by the stands (people that have been on the track may recall the slight elevation hump), my rear end broke loose on me big time, going around 60 mph. I did a full 360, with my rear end inches away from the outside concrete wall, and ended in the forward going position right by the wall... I tried my best to steer the mofo away, but regrettably I did hit it a little ... "
    The StopTech brakes worked wonders, paired with the PFC 97 racing pads. Furthermore, the Potenza S-03 tires ended up being a great pick, as rain fell upon the track on Friday. The 350EVO swaybars and the wider front tires eliminated almost all understeer. Once the project gets 275/40/18 performance tires up front along with adjustable race coilovers, this 350Z should possess incredible handling!
    March 31st, 2004
    Nick having fun with the tire dismounting processOur used Potenza S-03 tires have arrived (245/40/18 front and 255/40/18 rear) from two different eBay vendors. Both were easy to deal with and the tires that arrived were as per their descriptions and were shipped in a timely manner. We highly recommend tires4less1 and mile-hightoyz if you ever need used tires.
    Street Sports helped us out with the tire mounting and balancing with their state-of-the-art hardware (very high-tech and precise). In addition, we took this opportunity to put the PFC 97 Racing Pads in the front to break them in for this weekend at Mid-Ohio. We must note that although these tires are significantly better than the stock Potenza RE040 (225/45/18 front and 245/45/18 rear), they are far from optimal. This is only a temporary solution for us to get through Mid-Ohio. Afterwards, our plan is to have 275 width tires on all four corners, with a possibility of going even wider in the rear - something not feasible on the stock 18x8 wheels.
    Furthermore, the car was taken to Glenn Nissan as our oil pressure gauge was malfunctioning. The mechanics isolated the bug and a new part was ordered. Replacement has been scheduled for next Wednesday. Glenn Nissan is a wonderful dealership in Lexington, KY with great service. We strongly recommend them for your Nissan needs in the central Kentucky region.
    March 30th, 2004
    The 350EVO adjustable swaybars on the AF 350ZThe AF 350Z traveled North to Cincinnati to meet with Wright Tuning - home of the Schuitemaker Motorsports 350Z Grand AM Race Team and 350EVO.com. We installed the 350EVO adjustable swaybars that are used exclusively by the 350Zs in the Grand AM series. The entire day turne out to be a wonderful advising session for us. Special thanks to BJ Zacharias, John Wright, and James Wyler. We wish the best of luck this season to Schuitemaker Motorsports!
    March 24th, 2004
    Our helmet has arrived!The Bell M2 Pro helmet arrived today, which was to our surprise followed up by a phone call from Helmet City - they wanted to ensure that the helmet itself and the fitment was satisfactory. That's some customer service!
    March 23rd, 2004
    AF 350Z Baseline DynoSR Racing will be helping us with the Vortech Supercharger installation and tuning. A baseline dyno pull was made on their SuperFlow SF-840 for comparative purposes. This dyno is capable of functioning inertially as well as an eddy current, which makes it a perfect tool for tuning. The baseline run yielded 255.2 rwhp @ 6167 RPM and 239.1 ft-lbs @ 4697 RPM. Admittedly, it was a bit silly to make another dyno run as we had recently gone to Clemons Racing, but at the time we had no knowledge of SR Racing.
    AF 350Z posing on the dyno
    March 22nd, 2004
    StopTech sent us racing brake pads in preparation for the Mid-Ohio event. Axxis pads that come with the StopTech Big Brake Kit are great for street use, but would burn up quite fast in track driving conditions. These new pads will have to be broken in at much greater speeds - from around 100MPH.
    March 21st, 2004
    Thank you Vortech!We are proud to announce a partnership with our newest sponsor - Vortech Engineering. The Vortech Supercharger for our AF 350Z should leave the warehouse on Wednesday, March 24th. Installation is planned to be completed before the April 17-18 Putnam Park event. We chose the Vortech S/C over ATI's ProCharger as we believe the kit is more complete and user-friendly, making it the perfect choice for the 350Z enthusiasts out there looking for safe forced induction. AF 350Z will feature a standalone Engine Management System (EMS) to take full advantage of the supercharger.
    Vortech Engineering is a proud sponsor of the AF 350Z - Thank you Vortech!
    March 20th, 2004
    Today, the AF 350Z ventured 80 miles to get on a DynoJet dynamometer. Clemons Racing (New Albany, IN) were kind enough to let us use their facility. Josh Clemons himself, a NASCAR Busch Series driver (Car #41) helped with the dyno! Thank you Josh and good luck with your season!
    The results: We did 3 runs total, and each run was stronger than the previous. Due to the 80 mile drive on the highway, the car was extremely hot. As the runs were made, the car was still getting colder, stimulated by a fan and long cooldown periods. The top dyno shows 252.3 HP and 239.7 FT-LBS of torque. We suspect that the lack of backpressure due to the XERD headers and Borla true dual exhaust pair, 350Z's stock ECU overreacting to the higher than expected airflow, and newly installed StopTech 14.1" rotors (which are significantly heavier than the stock 11.5" rotors) are factors contributing to these numbers. These issues will be resolved by a supercharger and a standalone engine management system.
    March 19th, 2004
    Bell M2 ProIn preparation for racing at Mid-Ohio beginning on April 2nd, we placed an order for a helmet through HelmetCity.com. Shown to the right is Bell M2 Pro - we selected this specific helmet for the Bell name, the wide eye port design, and the quality interior cushioning. HelmetCity.com is a great resource for racers as they offer a wide array of products at good prices, provide very specific directions on measuring your head to ensure helmet fitment, and the support staff make themselves available for advice via a toll-free number. When purchasing a helmet for car racing, make sure it is Snell certified, preferably SA2000.
    March 10th, 2004
    Many new pictures of the car are now avaiable at the AF Gallery.
    View the 3/10 photographs of the 350Z Project.

    A few pictures of the car from its stock days are available here.
    March 4th, 2004
    The AF 350Z has been rescued of its recent braking struggle due to worn out pads with an upgrade to StopTech's Big Brake Kit. The installation was done by William Taylor of Horsepower House in Lexington, KY. The kit features stainless steel braided lines, 14.1 inch slotted rotors, and wonderfully enormous red calipers. View the installation documentation here. These are the same brakes that are used by race teams around the world.
    StopTech is a proud sponsor of the AF 350Z - Thank you StopTech!
    December 27th, 2003
    To kickstart the project, the 350Z received XERD Long-Tube Headers, Borla True Dual Exhaust, K&N Typhoon Intake, and Z-Xtreme 6-Wire grounding kit. The installation took around 13 hours, which were spread over 2 days in a regular home garage. First, the intake and all the piping was removed from both sides in the engine bay to finally get a glimpse on the headers. The stock exhaust was bolted off and unscruing the nuts holding the headers began. This was a gruesome process as the room in the area is very limited on this car. Finally, once all nuts were removed, both of the headers were taken out from the bottom. Then the long-tube XERD headers went in place along with the new Borla True Dual exhaust. Finally, all the piping around the engine was resecured and the K&N intake replaced the stock pipe. The sound of this setup is very impressive, yet not annoyingly loud.
    XERD is a proud sponsor of the AF 350Z - Thank you XERD!
    Intake is first removed. Both sides of the engine are cleared through in order to reach the headers. The coolant pipe had to be removed, thus requiring all coolant to be drained from the bottom first. The front wheels were removed for easier access through the bottom.
    Notice how some of the bolts are blocked by the header piping itself, making work in the area very difficult and time consuming. Another shot of the headers, on the other side. Igor working on removal of the headers Jacob wondering why he got himself into this mess... THANK YOU JACOB!
    And finally the header slips through the bottom. stock header; compare with the XERD picture above. Stock catalytic converters. XERD header being pushed through the bottom. No fitment issues whatsoever.
    Installation of the K&N intake did not take more than 15 minutes. The Borla TD Exhaust being bolted on. Finally, a 350Z that not only has dual exhaust tips but also a real dual exhaust system. Another great view of the new exhaust.
    Thank you XERD! Thank you K&N! Thank you Borla!
    November 9th, 2003
    Along with Horsepower House, we traveled to Clay City, KY drag strip. There the AF 350Z was tested for the first time. The car was stock. The transmission had a 3rd gear grind as our car was one of the pre-orders which had the 1st generation Z33 transmission known for this issue. Although with a foul start and an automotic loss, Igor Sushko managed a 13.69 second pass @ 99 MPH.
    November 5th, 2003
    Baseline dyno runs were made on Horsepower House's All-Wheel Mustang Dynamometer. We got 229.6 HP @ 6500 RPM and 213.9 FT-LB @ 4750 RPM. All other 350Zs that we are aware of that were dynoed on Mustang Dyno or Dynodynamics Dyno produced an output of around 200whp. Both of the dynamometers mentioned above are of eddy current type, whose values are accepted as being around 15% below Dynojet numbers. With conservative calculations, the AF 350Z has over 300hp stock, which makes it a perfect candidate for heavy modification.
    Project Sponsors
    Thank you Players Run '04!
    Thank you Vortech!
    Vortech Supercharger with Air-to-Air Intercooler
    Thank you BBS!
    BBS RE 18x9.5 wheels
    Thank you Yokohama!
    Yokohama AVS Sport 275/35/18
    ADVAN A048 265/35/18 & 285/30/18
    Thank you StopTech!
    StopTech 14.1" Big Brake Kit
    Thank you KW!
    KW 3-Way Independently Adjustable Coilovers Thank you XERD!
    XERD Long-Tube Equal-Length Headers
    Thank you Wright Tuning and 350EVO.com!
    350EVO Adjustable Swaybars
    Thank you Street Sports!
    Installation and Consulting
    Thank you SR Racing!
    Dyno Tuning

    Interested in sponsoring the AF 350Z Project? Contact Us
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