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rebuilt wont start

12-05-2009, 07:29 PM
installed rebuilt engine 3.2 24valve dohc in99amigo. ran for 20seconds and flooded i have spark and fuel. tested fuel pressure perfect wondering do i have to reset something? old engine explodedtook out #1conecting rod spun crank took out oiling bridge. did old engines death codes fry computers ability to process?or can it be reset.thank you for your help. 72.000 on old engine:banghead:

12-26-2009, 10:37 AM
i found out what it was .the newer vehichles 98 and up have crappy capasitors in the computer. compasitors store energy. unlike the ones in the old tube tv sets. that could store 2000volts for 20 years. theese cant hold enough to keep computers memory for more than a few months after car battery dies. that causes the computer to wipe clean then your car forgets how to run. then you have to take it to dealer an have it flash programed. so it knows how to run again. if this is new car tech they need to wake up. this pure stupid .to make a carthat dies after sitting and has to be reset by dealer. come on,i put a new motor in and it wouldnt start. that sucks. i will stick to my 78 bronco and 78 monte carlo . at least those can be fixed by me screw the new cars over thought and not designed to be worked on by the people but that will only get worse.

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