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SpARCs- Special Association for Road Consciousness

10-06-2009, 12:33 AM
Dear friends
India as a country is moving towards a glorious future.Road safety is one of the key obstacle in this growth path.

The World Bank estimates that every year road accidents cost India about 3 per cent of its gross domestic product which was more than $1 trillion in 2007
Road accidents could become the No. 3 public health issue in India by 2020, overtaking such deadly diseases as tuberculosis and AIDS, the World Bank predicts.

Special Association for Road Consciousness(SpARCs- ( is an initiative to spread road safety awareness by informing Indians and bringing the change in attitude among masses towards sensible driving.
SpARCS Citizen Leader Program( ( passes the baton of road safety to all Indians by supporting and encouraging conscious citizens to spread awareness.We also recognize the efforts of citizen leaders and awards them through credit based award system( (

Please register as SpARCs citizen leaders ( ( to make our roads safer for us,our family and our society.

Please help SpARCs in spreading the fire , forward this mail to your mailing list.
Arun Dubey
SpARCs citizen Leader and fouder SpARCs

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