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1999 trooper cranks but no start

09-12-2009, 05:01 PM
I have a 1999 Trooper that will crank but will not start. I have chacked everything in the world that i know to check and could read how to check in the repair program OnDemand5. I have checked the followin:
∑ Checker fuel pressure **OK**
∑ Checked all Fuses and relays **Ok**
∑ Check Computer for codes **No Codes found**
∑ Checked Coils for fire **No fire**
∑ Checked fuel injectors **Power but no pulse w/ NOID light**
∑ Checked crank sensor **No response REPLACED still no response**
∑ Maps Sensor **Ok**
∑ Timing checked **Ok**
o Original Checked via bringing #1 to TDC and all marks lined up
o The owner brought his buddy by who works at the Honda Dealer and said if it was off one tooth that it would make it not run and his friend at the Isuzu dealer said these were famous for the tensioner bolt backing out.
o The front of the engine was torn down and the timing was set by marks on the belt and camís and all lined up normal. There were no bolts loose and the front of the engine was reassembled.
∑ Computer tested no values normal to repair book **Replaced computer W/ one supplied by owner and still the same***
o The computer supplied by owner is a California Emission and the vehicle is a Federal Emission.
o The Original computer gets warm and has a electrical smell from it
∑ Checked engine compression **Ok**
o Compression was 120 Ė 150 an the cylinders
∑ Checked crank **Ok**
∑ Checked Cam **Ok**
If any one could help me out this would be great. I also would like to know if putting a Cal. Emissions computer will have anything to do with it not starting.

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