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tropper 2.6 will not start

06-11-2009, 05:57 PM
my head gasket was starting to go out i replaced it and now i can get it to start will i will start if it sits over night and will run untill i turn it off and then nothing all day i have checked the timing like 5 times i have spark and fresh fuel i thought my may be it was floolded so i crimped the fuel line and it started for about 3 to 5 sec and died i can do that a few time but it still does not get me anywhere on the problem i saw that my oil sensor the wires were broke so i tied them together and i can hear something and i think it is the fuel pressure reg and will start when its cold that way i have put all the vacuume hose where the book tells me im just lost on what to do now it doesnt make seince to me please help

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