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oilll!!! fire? help!

11-15-2008, 09:26 PM
oi. so i just drove home from school. its about a 350 mile drive or so..

i had some work done on the car recently (mpt clutch) and while that was done the dealer said there were oil leaks in a few places.

-oil pump o ring, valve cover gaskets (both sides) and left front cam seal.

i stopped at a rest stop after about 150 miles of driving and once i get out of the car, it starts POURRRRRING smoke. i believe there was oil dripping onto the exhaust, right near the cat. and stupid of me, i didnt check the oil. which is so stupid to me now....

being that there is nothign i can do for another 200 miles at least i drive a bit more. i was slightly afraid the oil dripping would get hot enough and catch fire.. but i dont know what that would require..

at 288 miles, im out of gas and i fill up. i checked the oil here and the dip stick comes out CLEAN as a whistle. I immediatly added at least a quart. i topped it off a bit over full. to finish off the journey home.

so right now, as it sits, the car spews smoke everytime i stop, cuz i guess the oil is able to drip directly onto the exhaust. and all the smoke gets into the car.

1st - anyone have an idea of which spot would be most likely leaking?
2nd - i think there is an active drip. as ithink i found a few droplets on teh ground but im not certain.
3rd - what do i do?!?! is it safe to drive...? will the oil catch fire? (obviously i understand i should probably look into the issue before driving any more than necessary...)

pleaseee advise!!

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