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No compression, help

07-30-2008, 07:30 PM
I have an 87' Trooper with a 2.3L 4 cylinder I acquired a few months ago and I was told it had a cylinder with no compression. So I started disassembling. I rebuilt the head and had 2 clearly cracked valves and put in new valves, valve stem seals, cleaned it and checked for cracks. I seated the valves with valve grinding compound and torqued it all down properly with haynes manual help. I replaced the entire cooling system, ignition system and engine mounts, and of course new head gasket set. The cylinder walls looked free of any scratching or grooves so I didn't rering it. Got a new timing belt on there and set the timing with marks in the right place. It finally started and ran alright but really lacked power and sounded off. I compression checked it and turns out 3 & 4 have no compression and those 2 plugs were wet with oil. I was afraid of valve adjustment being problem so I adjusted rocker arms off of valve stem to eliminate them keeping valve open. I have an OHC with rocker arms that ride on the cam lobes. It didn't help a bit. Is there any suggestions before I take head off to check for blown head gasket or bad rings. Please, I'll try anything before having to spend the $ on more head gaskets and time doing it all again.

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