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1996 Legacy Power Antenna

06-22-2008, 08:24 PM
My dad recently bought me an [almost] immaculate Legacy LS sedan last christmas. The only thing that made it not immaculate was the power antenna. It wouldn't go down period and basically I didn't care to investigate why. So, today, I opened the trunk and pulled off the liner and looked. Turns out, it was disconnected from the power source! I hooked it back up and stuck my key in the ignotion and turned the radio off to see what would happen. The antenna started to retract and I got all excited, until I found out why it had been disconnected. The antenna would go down until the very last [top] segment was exposed, and when the antenna stopped the motor inside the housing would make a loud clicking noise. Same way going back up, except it would go all the way up and the clicking noise was even louder.

I figured it wasn't lubricated properly, so I sprayed it with WD-40. No luck. I searched the internet and came upon a suggestion to clean the antenna with windex and then lubricate it with cooking oil. Didn't work either and was kinda messy.

My dad said it's probably broken/missing teeth in the retracting mechanism. Anyone know any fixes or would it be cheaper/easier to just get a new [used] motor/housing?

06-23-2008, 09:39 PM
Just toss a new motor on it. Either that, or the actuator is pulling loose from the tip of the antenna when it gets down that for for somer reason.

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