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1987 Trooper

03-30-2008, 11:45 PM
I just picked up a 1987 Trooper yesterday. It is the LS model, 2.3 5speed. The body and interior are in really good condition for a 20 year old vehicle. The person I bought it from had the motor rebuilt, and had all the paperwork to go with it. It has a few quirks, but what Isuzu don't? The speedo does not work, more than likely the cable broke. Any ideas where I can get a new one(speedo cable)? The other is an exhaust leak at the manifold where the exhaust pipe bolts up to. The person I bought it from said that it works it way loose. He had it tightened up before, but it loosened up again. Any ideas on how to solve the loosening problem once and for all? There is like a short in the turn signal switch. You can turn the blinker on, and it will work for a bit and then go dead. If you wiggle the lever around, it will work again for a bit and then go dead again. Is there a way to get in there to adjust the contacts, or would it just be easier to change the switch? Do you have the steering wheel to replace it? And finally, this model had the rubber trim on the lower half. One piece on the left rear is starting to come off. What would be a good adhesive to use to re-attach this piece?

03-31-2008, 12:18 AM
Yellow Snot 3M trim adhesive. Reach in behind trim to clean both surfaces with a cleaning solvent and scratch pad. I think it comes in black now.

Probably will have to pull steering wheel to replace Turn Switch.
Verify the flasher is not the problem, or bad bulbs.

Speedo, all depends if in fact it is a cable.

Exhaust leak will require a stop at muffler shop to verify.
If it's just a minor set of bolts and gasket, might as well let them do it.
Google your area for parts stores.
Actually I prefer to use Yahoo Yellow pages using your zip code.
The results come back in the order of distance to your door.

04-06-2008, 07:56 PM
Hello. Ok, I solved the problem with the exhaust leak. It was in fact the gasket. Muffler shop wanted $128 to fix it. I bought the part at NAPA for $7 and did it myself in about 30 minutes. I did a closer look at the turn signal/wiper/combination switch, and it looked like there were some relays or something screwed onto the switch. Everything works, the wipers, hi/lo beams, window washer. The turn signals and flashers work when they want to, sometimes they will work fine, other times, they will blink or flash for a couple of seconds and then stop. I have to 'wiggle' the signal lever or wiggle the flasher button to make them work. Long story short, would it be possible just to replace the relays or electronics on the turn signal without having to remove the switch? As for the speedometer cable, does anyone know where a person can get one besides a junkyard? I checked with a couple of Isuzu parts dealers, and they said this part(speedo cable) was backordered from Japan until at least May or so.

On a lighter note. As we all know the price of gas keeps on going up. I put a locking gas cap on, but I want to go a step further. I want to put a key lock on the fuel door. It don't look that difficult, just a matter of getting the right lock and drilling the right size hole. Not only would this add double security, but would also look professional as well. My only question about this would be is, what size of cylinder lock, and the length of the cam.

04-10-2008, 09:46 PM
Where is the flasher located on a 87 Trooper? I am thinking that this is the cause of all the problems with the turn signals/flashers. I replaced the combination switch with a know good one, and it is doing the same thing, erratic function. sometimes they will work, sometimes they won't work. My next option is to change the bulbs and flasher. I just need to know where the flasher is located.
Jim Welsh

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