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where to find parts

02-11-2008, 04:27 PM
I own a 2002 zx2 and its a great car. Im looking to put some aftermarket parts into it just to make it a little quicker and i plan on starting with the intake system like a bigger throttle body but i cant find one anywhere online. If anyone knows where i can find a decent throttle body i would apreciate knowing where i can get one.

02-13-2008, 08:49 AM
1. Go to and, lots of info/parts

2. Get either an Iceman or 'roush style' (real roush is like $300) intake.

3. Find some Ford Racing plug wires, they will smooth out the idle.

4. Unplug the Knock sensor off of the car.(don't ask, just do it, I know it sounds weird, and its free power), or buy a SCT Xcal2($350-390)

5. Get either an AF/X or Esslinger/ford racing Under drive pulley, or if you want more performance then functionality, get Powders pulley from Also get an over drive pulley for your alternator, other wise your lights swill dim a LOT when you aren't on the gas keeping the rpm's up. You will see this on any Under drive pulley, but its the worst on Powders, its the nature of the beast, no way to get around it.

6. After that its up to you want header you want, and catbacks are basically all the same. (if you have reached this point you should probably get a dyno tune, to atleast check your air/fuel ratio)

7. The only step up in TB's is to a 65MM...and that not going to help until you have full Bolton's and a ported or Ford Racing intake manifold. Even then you will need a dyno tune to take full advantage of it.

Even with out the header or catback you can get the intake and pulley, plug wires for under $300 total, and pull the knock sensor (free) and you will notice a nice power gain.

- Just remember to ALWAYS RUN 93 OCT if you have a tune or unplugged knock sensor!!!! -

SCT is the best tuning for the car, do you have a 5spd or auto? If you are a 5spd 99.5+ I can probably make you a nice tune that you would really enjoy. If you buy the SCT XCalibrator 2 (I don't sell them, I just make tunes for them.)

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