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89 trooper missing after warmup

02-10-2008, 07:32 AM
i need some help with this problem. it runs fine when cold but as soon as it gets up to normal operating temp it starts missing, to the point where it is almost not driveable. it first started acting up after wife stopped and put gas in it. thought she got some water so i put some dry gas and fuel injector cleaner in it. didn't help, put new fuel filter on. didn't help, put plugs in they were needed, did help some, put new plug wires on, did't help. put new o2 sensor on didn't help. got a new engine coolant temp sensor, couldn't figure out how to get old one out. but did start it up and run it with it unhooked and didn't make any difference. so i figured thats probably not the problem. any ideas of help would be greatly appreciated.

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