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2000 ZX2 intermittently won't start

02-05-2008, 09:21 AM
On Friday night, I was visiting my father in the hospital. I went out and it would not start. It cranks fine (new battery 3 weeks ago), but acts like it wasn't getting fuel. So, I left it there and went back down Saturday morning...still wouldn't start. I checked the fuel shut-off switch and it wasn't tripped. I also put in some dry has (I had a half tank of gas at the time) and let it sit while I visited with my dad. I came out and it still would crank, but not start.

So, I had it towed to the dealership on Saturday afternoon assuming that it was probably the fuel pump or a clog in the fuel line. They went to look at it on Monday morning and it started up as if nothing was wrong. The service manager said that they started it up more than a dozen times and it was fine. He shoed me how to turn the ignition to where the lights come on and listen for the fuel pump to make a humming sound for a few seconds in case it happens again to rule out the fuel pump.

So, I picked it up last night and it started fine. I went to the hospital to see my dad again. It started fine when I came out and I drove home. It started fine this morning to come to work. I just went out to make the bank run and it won't start again. I turned the ignition and I can hear the fuel pump hum for like two seconds, so that pretty much shows that it is functioning and NOT the problem.


He told me to try it again later and call him if it still won't start, but not to try over and over. The dealership is going to tow it in and I think he is coming over personally to see what it is doing.

02-07-2008, 07:17 AM

He called me yesterday and said that it was the ignition coil. So, they replaced it along with the plugs and wires, which it needed anyway. So, I went over on lunch and picked it up. It seemed to hesitate starting, but it did kick over. I left the dealership and stopped for gas about a mile from my office. I got back in and it WOULD NOT START. It did the EXACT same thing...crank, but not start.

So, I called him in a rage and he sent the rollback to pick it up, gave me a loaner car and is crediting the entire amount I was billed. He promised not to give the car back until he is 100% sure it is fixed. Until then, I'm driving a 2007 Taurus. Ugh!


02-07-2008, 01:25 PM
Got a call from the guy at the dealership. The long and short of it is they suspect a cracked flywheel. They pulled the cam shaft position sensor and it came out in pieces. He also said that the flywheel teeth were chewed up. They can only see so much of the flywheel through the opening...not enough to tell if it is indeed cracked or not. But what they suspect at this point is that the flywheel is cracked and that gave it enough flex to chew on the sensor. He's ordering a new flywheel for tomorrow. When that comes in, they'll drop the tranny and, hopefully, that is all of the problem.

He was nice enough to credit me all of the labor from the first time it was in since they did not diagnose it properly. But's not going to be an inexpensive $1200.


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