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93 ford Explorer 4WD selector switch problems
10-23-2007, 02:11 PM
I have a 93 ford explorer and could use some help. This is a four wheel drive explorer and my four wheel drive selector switch on the instrument isn't working. Is there anything I can check before spending around 180 bucks on a replacement part. When I push the buttons to engage my four wheel drive the indicator light doesn't come on and the vehicle stays in the regular 2 wheel drive. I don't know if it's not getting any power to the switch or if there are any relays between the power and the switch that have gone bad. I don't even know which fuse or fuses control the switch. Any suggestions. The switch worked fine one day and the next it didn't. I also couldn't find any information about this in the repair manual unless I'm looking in the wrong place. The part # for the switch is sw4553. If I have to replace it is there other options than the local parts stores? Thanks

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