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p0105 map sensor

10-13-2007, 05:55 PM
My CEL is on, code p0105 which is the map sensor circuit. My local subaru dealer tells me this part almost never goes bad. He hadn't sold one in all the years he could remember. What should I check to try to find other problems in this circuit. How can I test the sensor itself? Car is 1995 legacy l wgn, awd and a/t.

10-13-2007, 06:39 PM
is CEL light on? what codes? if p0105 try replacing the cam position sensor.I had a similar problem in my 1995 legacy wagon. cam sensor tested fine until I caught just after it set p0105 and tested right away. It was way out of range. replaced it two weeks ago. no problem since.

Reading the post above which you gave in response to another member's question, I would say the only code you know is that one and you seem to think it covers everything on the car?

As it is, the map sensor is the manifold absolute pressure sensor.

If, as you tell the other member, p0105 is for the cam position sensor, it certainly would have nothing to do with the map sensor as you now claim in this thread.

Did you even know what the map sensor reads? It measures the air density in the manifold so that the ECU can process the info and calculate how much fuel to inject at the appropriate time. Also, map sensors are only found on fuel injected engines.

Now, as it stands, P0105 is the code for a pressure circuit malfunction, so that's where you start.

As for you telling the other member it's a cam sensor - let me put it this way, don't let me catch you spreading misinformation again :nono:

10-14-2007, 07:16 PM
My apologies to you and anyone else I may have misled. Sorry, Sorry! Mea Culpa.
I was getting a permanent p0105 for the map sensor and an intermitant p0340 for the cam sensor. The rest i said about the camsensor worked for me.
It is my understanding that the Map is used on turbo cars and at least my 1995, Fi 2.2 legacy with auto trans [not on manual trans]. In conjunction with a pressure switching solenoid it detects external atmospheric pressure and manifold absolute pressure and sends a signal to the computer to help adjust fuel flow to the engine.Do I have this right and if not can you help me out?
Once again I apologize for any confusion I may have caused. I obviously got the codes confused in my mind. That intermitant cam problem drove me nuts! Thanks for being so observant. Can we correct the code in my answer to read p0340? My error was not intentional. Hope i can get back in your good graces. I need help and want to help others.

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