thinking about buying a J30-

10-09-2007, 03:55 PM
So I'm looking to buy a car this week, and reallly fell in love with the J30's. I was just wondering if any body who owned one had any opinions on them? What they drive like? Things that tend to go wrong? Gas mileage? Transmissions? The two I'm looking at one is a 94 with 155k, and the other is a 95 with 89k. Any input would be helpful.

12-04-2007, 06:20 PM
wow sorry noone ever responded. so far i have owned 2 J30s and the reason why 2 is cause i totaled the other one in a wreck but it was still running strong. only things i have had to deal with is basic maintainance and timing belt every 105k which after i do the one on my 94 J30 which has 103k, i am going ot do it every 60k just to be safe. other than that my J30s never gave me any issues and i drove/drive them very hard yet no problems. for the 95 id check the records and keep in mind that in about 15k miles ur going to have to do a timing belt. if you can find a local shop they can do it for you for about $800 or so. one first J30 i had a shop do it for $800 and it then got wrecked 2k miles later yet it ran awesome. this timing belt job i am going to do it myself. i bought a kit for a 300zx na for about $500 and am going to put it on myself.
in other words, id say the J30 is a great relaible car. luxurious and power for a good sedan. since they are old and infiniti likes to charge alot, id see if you can learn how to do stuff on the car yourself. if u dont find the right shops you can get charged alot for something so simple. infiniti of Gwinnett wanted to charge me $1700 for a timing belt job. i laughed and promptly said no.

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