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2001 ZX2 oil pan removal

08-20-2007, 01:03 PM
I cant believe it but it looks like my oil pan has rusted thru on my 2001 ZX2 (126,600 miles). The oil pan is very rusty on the bottom (New England salt belt ) and I can see oil weeping thru on the outside. Can the pan be dropped/replaced with the exhaust/catcon still in place? I can get to all the pan bolts with the exhaust intact (I need a 8mm universal socket for one). The pan is clearanced to fit around the exhaust pipe and there looks like it has room to come out but Id like to know for sure before I try.

Also, does anyone have a Ford pn for that oil pan?


08-22-2007, 11:15 PM
The exhaust needs to be lowered. The sump sits at the bottom of the pan and will be in the way of the pan removel except down. The easiest way is to disconnect the cat from the manifold. It has some high quality nuts that won't round and should be rust free and they can be reached without removing anything. However I needed a 3/4 inch drive breaker bar to have enough leverage as they are on there tight. There's 2 bolts by the downstream o2 sensor that need to be removed. Then remove the 2 rubber hangers under the shifter and the one by the rear wheel if necessary and it should give you enough room. This will eliminate the pain of having to replace exhaust parts.

As far as the part number i don't know. I need to replace mine too, mine is about rusted straight through. "Michigan Winters"


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