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Sloshing noise

07-17-2007, 05:25 PM
My aunt has a 2006 Kia spectra with 27k miles. When coming to a stop and accelerating (basically weight transfer) she hears a sloshing noise coming from the dash area. She has taken it to the dealer 3 times and the preformed the following things.

Coolant bleed
Unclogged condensation hose
Fixed and air bubble in the heater core.

All of these things help temporally but the next day the noise is back. The car runs fine and has no other problems. She also says that she does not see water on the ground after running the AC for a long period of time. I am thinking maybe there is a hole in one of these lines and when they bleed it its fine until it builds another air bubble. Anyone have any ideas? Please help me out

09-25-2007, 09:31 PM
"She also says that she does not see water on the ground after running the AC for a long period of time." If ambient air is the least bit humid there should be a water drip so the evaporator drain must be kinked or stopped up. Get under it and fine the hose or drain and take a clothes hanger and run up in it and see if it starts draining. Don't jam it up in there because the evaporator is made of aluminum and you could poke a hole in it. :nono: Just gently ease it up the drain and wiggle it around.

"Unclogged condensation hose." I don't think it should stop up again that quick and she's had it in the shop three times and each time they unclogged the drain? That ain't right. Did you ask them why it keeps stopping up? Seems to me they aren't "fixing" the problem and I see no way a drain should stop up that often. Ask the technician what makes it continue to stop up and what can be done to cure it.

"Fixed and air bubble in the heater core." I don't follow that. If you turn on the heater does it blow hot air? Has anyone changed out the heater or radiator hoses lately? The inlet hose to the heater core should be on the lowest tube and the outlet should be on the high tube. That way the core fills up and the air rises and goes out the tube.

The car is barely two years old and 27K mi it's just getting broke in. If I didn't get satisfactory answers from the KIA place I would be on the phone to customer assistance and request a district representative come see the car and find out what's causing the sloshing sound 'cause that ain't right for you to have it fixed only to return again shortly.

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