Bose Radio problems 2000 Catera

Bruce george
06-18-2007, 03:42 PM
My problem is: While playing, the sound transfers to the front right door speaker and really gets loud. If I turn the radio off for a couple seconds and turn it back on every thing is fine. Then after awhile, woop, everything goes back to the front left.
When it is not playing properly I have tried adjusting the speaker balance. When adjusted all the way to the right L.......!.......*R everything will suddenly move to the right door. Adjust it back one notch and back to the left the sound goes. :screwy: Again, if I turn the radio off and turn it back on it corrects itself.
I have tried disconnecting the battery for awhile to reset the computer. That did not work.
Bose recommended 2 technicians in the Orlando area but neither can work on the Catera because the radio works through the computer.

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