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93 Legacy issues: Should I buy?

06-12-2007, 08:28 PM
Looking at an 93 Legacy wagon, Auto with 130K. Been test driving it for a few days, and I've noticed it's got some issues, but I'm not sure how severe they are. Here's the breakdown:

- Occasionally it will stall when I come to a stop. It's Auto. Whats up?

- There's an obvious clunking/knocking noise when I start/stop, or turn the wheel, or go up a slight rise (like a driveway). Is it steering? Suspension? A shadetree mechanic says it's not too dangerous. ???

- Rear right wheel seems to be stuck. It rolls, but it gets really hot (you can feel it if you walk by it after driving it), and it definitely smells. I haven't pulled the wheels off, but do these things have drums or discs in the rear?

Any ideas?

07-31-2007, 01:12 AM
Sounds like the clunking noise my be cv joints? And the locked hot wheel may be stuck calibers. Bad bearings or? Worth looking at. As for the Legacy, my daughter has one with over 140,000 miles and running well. Did have to replace both front axles, pretty normal stuff. Some other issues like gas filters replacement type of things. Without careful inspection can't give you definite opinions. Rebuilding a caliber or replacement may be needed. Just a pain to do but not too difficult. The hot wheel and the smell (burning) may be stuck brakes. I believe its all discs, Id have to look myself. It will wear out your pads or shoes very fast. Do not leave this alone, need to fix it. Get a second opinion on its condition. If its all fixable, and the engine is in good shape, would be reliable for a long time if you take care of it.

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