Underdrive Pulley

12-25-2005, 03:57 AM
Just got done installing an underdrive pulley in my J and just wanted to tell you guys that man this thing really adds power! I was worried about it not being able to keep the minimums, but it idles just fine. it has a lot more low and mid level torque.
The install was for the most part a brease I was kinda worried though about the 27mm crankshaft bolt, but my best investment for this project was an air impact wrench ($30 from walmart). took that baby right off in one pull.

I paid like $20 for the pulley (ebay) and $30 for the belts from performance nissan. well worth it for anybody trying to add more power to this car.

Now i just gotta find somebody who does exhaust in or around san diego. any recommendations people?

Merry Xmas.

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