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1998 Sephia OBD Trouble Codes

08-09-2005, 10:36 AM

I went to get a sticker yesterday and failed emissions. I failed for OBD error codes P1800 and P1693. I can't find what these codes mean anywhere online.

I bought the car off my buddy who bought it last year from a Kia dealer so I checked his results from 15 months ago and he passed emissions even though his inspection report said "Advisory" next to the emissions results. Under the On Board Diagnostic System Diagnostic Check heading it also said Overall OBD System Result - "Fail" and Malfunction Detected - "Yes". The Error Code was P1693. Yet the Exhaust Emissions Transient test passed way under the limits, except for the NOx with the limit of 2.00 and it got a reading of 1.23

Does anyone know what these codes mean? I'd like to have some idea what's wrong and what it will cost to fix it. If Kia could pass it even though they got a OBD fail reading, could it still pass now if someone took the time to run the Transient test as well?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

I forgot to add that the kid who did my inspection yesterday only hooked my car's computer to the computer, he didn't run the exhaust test because I didn't get any exhaust results on my printout.

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