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88 Trooper engine/wire fire

12-27-2010, 10:28 PM
Hi. New here. I just bought a 1988 trooper for 500 dollars. Reason for the cheap price, is because there was a fire in the engine compartment. A bunch of wiring is burned up. And who knows what else. I know that the only way to know for sure what is damaged, and/or needs replaced, is to just dive in and start removing things. Starting with the injector body. But before I get started, I thought I'd come to the experts here, and see if anyone has any idea what I am in for... The fire was at the back of the engine, near the coil. Here are some pictures. The damage obviously goes much farther down than I am able to photograph. Has anyone else seen this particular kind of fire, in this area, before ? Does anyone have any idea what I am going to have to replace ? I will be getting started on tearing into the engine, by the end of the week. But it sure would be nice to hear from someone else with experience, before I do. :) EDIT: why does my post insist on running together into one big paragraph ?

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