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New to Subaru - R they good for a DIYer ?

10-29-2010, 02:00 PM
Hello All,

My 96 Corolla is coming to an end (230K of canadian condition driving). Time to get a new car. My wife likes the Subaru Legacy (looked at a 2011). I'm hoping some mechanically inclined folks knowledgeable on the Subaru can help me out. My main concern is that I know zero on Subaru and their cars from a mechanical standpoint !!!

I would consider myself a decent intermediate DIYer (can do timing belts, brakes, all fluids, exhaust, minor electrical, etc). I worked slowly and patiently so I end up doing decent work. I keep my cars for a loooonnnggg time and do my own stuff. However, I have only worked on hondas and toyotas.

So my question: How is a Subaru for a DIYer such as me ??? I have never worked on a horizontal engine and know nothing about AWD. Could I still maintain the car myself ?

Looking forward to your input !

DIYer !

10-30-2010, 08:18 AM
Yes Subarus are very easy to work on. I also do own work oil, breaks, ect. however I never had to do anything more other then the standard stuff. Spark plugs are easy to get at and change as are the wires. Only problem I had was finding a spl oil filter wrench to remove filter its a really odd size and hard to take off and titen with wrenches available
I will be putting on K&N filters next change. Thay have a 1 in bolt shape on bottom. But other than that they are very good cars, extreamlly safe ( speaking from personal experiance) good mpg Ive owned 5 since 1999. at present i have 07 w/ 85,000+ and 08 w/43,000. I think you will be very happy compared to a Toyota. good luck

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