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Subaru Legacy Ignition Problems

Cws Auto Parts
08-24-2010, 07:08 AM
HI ,

Anyone help me out here, I recently bought a 1993 Subaru Legacy L Sedan 5 Speed and lately just started having ignition (starting) problems. There is power to the igniter but no spark - could the camshaft or crank position give me problems in this area. Could it be possible the cam position sensor stop the car from igniting?


02-20-2012, 12:06 PM
this poor chap got no help in time, but I would like to address this for the archive.-
check the codes the computer is flashing--a code delineating #4 cylinder misfire is a reference to a bad sparkplug, wire or coil socket. the crank or cam sensor failure will not enable the ignition and will stop the engine if running, for it has no reference to make adjustments from. It will de-energize the ignition to protect itsself. in domestics [us] they use an auto shut down relay for this to eliminate dieseling upon normal shutdown. read the codes--before 1996 it id On -Board- Diagnostics 1 [obd-1] which began some sort of elevated control levels on the engine and emissions beyond just the injection -oxy sensor modules of the eighties.
so, the obd1 system is readable through the check engine light in it's blinking. this is triggered by turning the ign sw on to run [not start] and off and on again. watch for the blinking. 5 blinks in a row, another 5 blinks in a row is 55, which is the bookend codes for beginning and end of message. the blinks in between are the ones you want to read. usually 2 groups of blinks for 2 digits, denoting a sensor malfunction or something else. the subaru tech manual has all the trouble codes.

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