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TOD Code 28

05-15-2010, 06:00 PM
I'm pulling a TOD Code 28, the car drives fine in 2wd and 4W H and L. But when in 2DH the two reaer lights on the indicator flash and eventually the check light comes on on the TOD display.
According to the Workshop Manual the workflow is to check for Voltage between pins 5 and 19...but it doesn't say pins on WHAT...I'm assuming the TOD ECU, but according to the diagram in the workshop manual the 30 pin connector to the ECU don't match up, mean to say no matter how I spin it or count it there's no wire going to 19...i dunno I'm lost.

I guess, really all I want to know is am I checking the right pins on the right device. I'm looking at the computer under the seat.

05-17-2010, 09:26 AM
code 28 - Axle Disconnect Output & Axle Switch Output Abnormal

My FSM is ay home, so I can't be more help now.

05-17-2010, 11:26 AM
the car drives fine in 2wd and 4W H and L.

OK, it drives fine, but is it really in 4WD? Is the front axle really locking?

You'd probably have to put the vehicle up on jackstands and put it in 4WD H and L to be sure.

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