2000 Rodeo A/C problem

04-15-2010, 03:00 PM
2000 3.2 v6 Rodeo cools well when moving but starts blowing warm air when stopped. I've noticed that the condenser fan does not turn on.

The condenser fan relay is fine as is the condenser fan motor. However, I am not getting any voltage at the relay coil terminals and I am not sure under what conditions I would expect to see a voltage except that if the car is fully warmed up and I am sitting still, I would think the fan should be on.

OK, so what are typical freon temperatures I should see on suction and high side for warm day (80-85 degrees)? I want to make sure my freon pressures are right before I move on. I am reading 75psi suction and 125psi high.

What else should I be looking for that may keep the fan off?


04-18-2010, 09:14 AM
I received this link from DriverSide which is very helpful.


I was able to verify that under the right conditions, my condenser fan was indeed working.

The primary suspect is the compressor which does have a whine and is unable to maintain much differential pressure while at idle. I have not ruled out the expansion valve.

I will probably replace the compressor in due time as well as the expansion valve and dryer.

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