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DIY Clear Corners

Someone mentioned something about being able to take out the amber piece in the corner. If anyone knows how to do this without ruining the headlights, please let me know.
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I figured it out. For anyone else who is interested. Here is the original link to the instructions New Clear Corners and painting Tips DIY.

Part 1...
--Get any ol' spraypaint at your local hardware store or Home Depot. I'd suggest getting a glossy spraypaint. (2 cans) If they have high temp glossy paint--that's even better! Pick up a can of glossy clear coat while you're there. Finally, get some 400-grit sandpaper as well.
--Go home and take off your headlights. There are three bolts holding them in, a wiring connector, and turn signal bulb.
--Take out the bulbs that are inside.
--Go in the kitchen and grab some foil wrap.
--Go over to your stove and put the foil along the tray where you put food that's getting cooked. Pre-heat to 150 degrees.
--When it's nice and warm, grab a headlight and place it in the oven. (No, I'm not joking). Let it roast for 15 minutes at 150 degrees.
--Put on some mittens or a couple of oven mits and take the headlight out.
--Stand it on one end, grab the clear lense and black rear part and PULL!!!!!! Rest and pull'll come apart. (If the goo that's holding the headlight together cools down, throw the headlight in the oven again for 5 minutes to warm it back up). Eventually, the headlight will come apart. It's good to have a buddy around to help pull. Also, a second person is useful because the goo will stretch--have them slice the stretching goo with a knife to make the job easier and cleaner.
--Repeat the process for the other headlight so you have both of them in two parts.

Part 2...
--Grab a phillips-head screwdriver and take all of the screws out of the headlights. Take each headlight apart entirely--there'll be a few parts: clear lense, bezel, rear part, orange reflector, chrome corner reflector, and two chrome cylinders. NOTE: If you want to keep the chrome parts unpainted, DO NOT TOUCH THE CHROME! Use gloves or be VERY careful not to touch the chrome. Handle these pieces from underneath.
--Take the parts you want to color and sand them with the 400 grit sandpaper. Don't press too hard--just take off the finish. You'll see a light "dust" fall off.
--Wash the pieces when you're done. Make sure to get all the dust off.
--Let the pieces dry entirely. Don't use a towel.

Part 3...
--Find a nice area in your yard to spray. Lay out the pieces.
--Spray each piece with nice, LIGHT, even coats. LIGHT COATS! If you spray too much at one time, you'll get runs--then you will not be happy.
--Let the (light) coat dry for 15 minutes.
--Add about more 5 light coats--which should cover the entire piece nicely. Make sure to let each coat dry.
--Add three (light) layers of clear coat, letting each one dry 15 minutes. Let the last coat sit for an hour. Use a fan if you have one--let it blow onto all of the peices, but I suggest that you take them inside. If you have the time, let the parts dry overnight instead.

Part 4...
--Put the lights back together. Be careful with each part because you don't want to chip the paint or get fingerprints on any chrome parts. Obviously, this is where you throw away the orange reflector--thus creating the "clear corner". The chrome (or now painted) corner reflector will screw into place, but will look a little cockeyed. Don't worry, it'll look fine when you put the lights back together.
--Preheat the oven to 150 degrees again (don't forget the foil).
--Take both parts to one headlight and place in the oven for 15 minutes.
--Take the parts out, line up the headlight, and SQUEEZE!!!!!! (Der...gloves)
--Hold it in place for a minute or two. Let the goo hold and dry a bit.
--Repeat for the other headlight
--Bring them back to your car, connect the wiring and turn signal, and bolt 'em back into place!

Thanks to ItaliaTib2k3 of for this DIY!

Last edited by twospirits; 11-06-2004 at 01:40 PM. Reason: Updated link and provided actual step by step
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Re: DIY Clear Corners

BTW you do NOT need to sand the bezels. I've done 2 sets, going to do another here in an hour, and the paint goes on just fine.
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