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Old 10-24-2007, 02:10 AM   #1
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Bttery dead every 3 months

Our 2006 Z4 BMW (14,500 miles) has been to the dealer three times in the past 6 months because the car would not start - dead battery.
* The first two times we did not even get a click out of the battery; the third time it at least clicked.
* The first two times the car sat for 5 days without being driven; the third time it was driven the night before.
* It is kept in a garage so we could see if there were any lights left on-and there were none.

The dealer claims that we must drive the car at least 20 miles a day to keep the battery fresh. We drive 28 miles 5 days a week and the car is used 7 days a week. The dealer supposedly put a new battery in the first two times, courtesy of the dealer, and now says that we need to hook a trickle charger up to the car every night if we want to be sure the car will start. They also claim that the batteries were not defective, but not charged - but replaced them as a curtosety.

When the dealer calculates a daily miles driven, they calculate 3 months at a time and we fall a few miles short of their 20 miles per day. I have requested something from BMW corp regarding the 20 miiles a day but don't expect anything.

Kodos to BMWUSA! They sent me an e-mail within a few hours. To paraphrase the email: they are aware of the problem that I am having and agree with the dealer that we simply are not driving the car enough to replace all of the energy that is used by the high tech insrtruments on our short trips. They further agreed that we should purchase and use a trickle charger on the car to insure a fresh battery.
Any suggesting/comments?
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battery dead BMW Z4

just fyi, I have a 2005 BMW Z4 and it sits from Nov to March during the cold months (Northeast). I start the car once yes once a month for 15 mins and that's it. It sounds like you have a electrical draw somewhere in the car. Anything attached in the lighter socket that may be on when you park the car? If not find someone that knows electrical work to check the car out. Batterys don't go dead by themselves.

during the summer months I drive some times 10 miles a day and only a few days a week and still never had a problem. BMW needs to look at the car and determine whats wrong. No guess work....OH by the way my car is fully loaded auto roof etc. one other note if a power top make sure when you put the top up or down you have the motor running..
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Re: Bttery dead every 3 months

Hello. I know this is an old thread, but I don't see an icon anywhere to start a new thread and I have looked and looked, even listened to the new member video. Anyway, I very much need a new car battery. I have a 1997 Toyota Corolla(yes, old) automatic, with a 1.6 L engine, cylinder that takes a size 35 battery. I know this will sound like a silly question, but I am getting conflicting information from Pep Boys. First told that the Optima Red Top battery(size 35) would be just fine. Now spoke to another person and she even checked with another person and they said it has too much "power" for my car. The Optima battery has a CA of 910 and a CCA of 720. I specifically want that battery since supposedly tolerates deep discharges well. I don't drive that much so thought that would be a good idea. It supposedly also handles vibrations well and since my car is old and kind of rusty does have some vibration and it gets cold here in Chicago so thought the high CCA would be good. What do you all think? Do you think it would somehow hurt my car?

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Re: Bttery dead every 3 months

Just to jump in ( no harm intended )but I think some one is feeding you a line of BS, that many miles a day 7 days a week, Should more then enough to keep it up, After all how much could the system draw unless very bad designing, what is alt supposed to put out ?,,,,,,,,,,,I would hope at least 30 amps in todays world about 60a is the least ive seen even , That has a great residual in 30 min run time, There must be a draw some where, Some one is not catching ,Even in the old days with mechanical clocks and stuff like that you could let the old boats set fore a couple a weeks with out problem ,Just my opinion ( no harm intended )
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