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Angry 2002 L200 > Fuel Pump & ECU

L200 died and was coasted to a center-turn-lane on a 4-lane road, as Daughter drove it to work. She tried starting it, with no success. Said it sputtered to a stop, and she coasted to center-turn-lane. I had our roadside assistance tow it to Firestone shop where I have done business in past (Halls Crossroads, TN).

Initial diagnosis, throwing no ignition codes, nor other codes, was remove and deep-clean throttle-body and change plugs. I authorized throttle-body cleaning, but not plugs. $197.98, after labor and tax, installed.

Saturday AM, call from service manager, Joe. "Jeff, we tried starting it, and driving it again, and it died 10 feet from the bay. We pushed it back into the bay, and did a manual check. 10psi on fuel line. Your fuel pump is shot." We had this happen in 2013, fuel pump died. I expected another $700 job, and wasn't disappointed. $719.23, pump, install, labor and tax. I authorized it. I can't do that job in my driveway.

Saturday PM, 2nd call from Joe, "Jeff, the fuel pump is in, and it works. We did a jumper-test, and it ran, but, the old pump caused a 'backfeed' to the ECU, and fried it. The ECU was only putting out a 5 volt signal, when it needs to put out 12v to the fuel pump. I like to never found one, but we have 3 suppliers, one in Philly, and two in CA that can send it to us. $535.27 additional charge. I told them to do it.

I also asked why the fuel pressure wasn't checked on the initial Friday Afternoon / evening inspection that they charged me $100 for. He him-hawed and said something to the effect of they had to use the electronic check first, before doing any pressure tests. It didn't indicate any fuel pressure problems. Hmmm.....

Recent repairs with in the last 4 months: New Battery, and 2 weeks ago, new rear brake pads and hardware. The Total Repair will be close to $1700, near the current value of the car.

Ok, my question is, Friends: In this situation, has anyone ever heard of a fuel pump backfeeding electricity into the ECU and frying the circuitry, or, am I being fleeced? I have asked for ALL the old pieces to be kept, so I can see them.
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Re: 2002 L200 > Fuel Pump & ECU

I fail to see how that can occur. The fuel pump is operated via a relay which effectively isolates the PCM from the pump power circuit.

I would have suspicions about their analysis until they could demonstrate, graphically on factory diagrams, how that could occur. I could believe a different explanation, but apparently that's not what you were given.

It sounds as if their part-changing prowess may exceed their diagnostic ability, or at least their effectiveness in explaining the problems.
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