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Car Comparisons Compare any cars and find out what every body else thinks. Just refrain from making stupid comparos like Viper vs. Geo Metro :)
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Please help me

dear readers, for a long time now, ive been looking for a car, i have quite a bit to spend, and i didnt know what i wanted. I considered trucks, cars, jeeps, and SUV's of all sorts, but i couldnt find what i wanted. Until recently, i found it, the g35 coupe!! i loved it, until today, wen i went to the nissan dealership to get a 350z brochure and found a few in the parking lot and i fell in love with the damn thing, and now im back to square one, i cant decided which to go for.

The g35 is nice, the body design is amazing, its got a strong engine and luxury up the ying yang. It is more practical because it seats 4 and it bears a more prestigeous brand name than the 350z.

On the other hand, the 350z is alot sportier, and more suited for a 16 year old like me, its got one of the most impressive interiors ive ever seen and its got a beefier engine than the g35 (slightly beefier). But this car is less practical seeing as how it is only a 2 seater and more suited as a weekend car.

The g35 will prolly get me more attention from the girls lol, but im really not sure now, what do you guys think? Honest opinions and dont hold back
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Re: Please help me

One other thing to consider is recurring costs, such as insurance. Is the 350Z going to cost you more for insurance as a teenage male than the G35? Do you plan to do the maintenance and perform most repairs yourself? If not, do you plan to use an independent shop or the dealership? If the dealership, then are both dealerships local to you or only the Nissan dealership? Since both cars you're currently considering are older used cars I don't guess there is warranty involved, but even though Nissan is the parent company of Infiniti, covered warranty and recall work cannot be performed on an Infiniti by a Nissan dealership so that may be something to keep in mind as well.

At some point, if you have friends and enjoy driving, you'll wish you had more than a 2-seater car for taking road trips with friends.

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