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Clutch pedal vibration


Hope somebody can help me out with this small issue I have with a car I just bought. It's a Subaru XV 6sp manual 2.0i l engine (similar to Impreza), 2012 model year, 58k km.
The issue, like in the subject, is that the clutch pedal vibrates. Here are my observations:

* clutch does not make any noises, clutch works fine, never slipped (i've driven 150km so far) - no issue with changing gears that i can tell (the clutch seems maybe a bit flimsier than my previous car - a toyota - but driving it more I'm learning it better and seems better)
* the vibration is not felt when clutch activates - only in the first half of pressing the pedal (actually just slightly pressing the pedal you can sense the vibration); from the middle pedal onwards there is no vibration
* vibration is not present in neutral (or when engine is off obviously)
* there is no vibration when car is cold, starts maybe about 5 minutes later on
* vibration is worst in 2nd and 3rd gears (around 50km/h maybe worst), I could not feel vibration in 5th gear (although maybe there was a bit in 6th); I can say that when having >90km/h the vibration is almost not noticeable
* when vibration is at its worst, stick also vibrates somewhat (not 100% sure there is an exact corelation, only had stick vibrating a couple of times, but always when pedal was also vibrating)
* vibration is not always the same - it can vibrate harder now, then 5 minutes later after reaching same gear/speed it might vibrate way less
* i press pedal quickly, and take my foot off slowly, so vibration is most annoying when taking the foot off
* there is less vibration when pressing harder on the acceleration, so vibration is most annoying when gear-breaking

I know close to 0 about cars, but reading in the past couple of days about clutch vibrations makes me think that it's not the clutch that it's the problem but transmission/misalignment - because you can feel the vibration only when it's in gear, and you can't feel it when clutch is activated. Maybe transmission mount? Also, given that there is no vibration on a cold engine - maybe it's because of some fluid (that gets warmed up with the engine)? Maybe the gearbox oil?

I want some opinions from when I go next to the service, I don't really want them to tell me either that "it's normal to have some vibration" or to replace the clutch, charge me tons of money, and still have the issue

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