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Small and narrow city cars

You can see these small cars on the streats not very often...
However, compact and ultra-compact cars could help to make easier the situation with traffic jams in big cities...

Have you ever seen at least some of them?..

Most narrow and small cars - Top 10
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Re: Small and narrow city cars

In person, I haven't seen any of them. The proportions of some of them look really unstable. Some of them look way too narrow for their height, like they would tip over easily, except that last one that leans into turns, which I thought was pretty cool. Same with a 3 wheeled car where the single wheel is in the front. That is a proven unstable setup. Just ask the British about the Reliant Robin. Also I noticed some of them had handlebars... sorry, no steering wheel = not a car.
I did see the peel p50 on top gear and it was pretty funny. Jeremy Clarkson, who stands about 6 and a half feet tall crammed himself into that thing and drove it to work at the BBC headquarters in London. The thing is so small he decided to forego parking it, and just carried it into the building with him. On the way there, he said "the acceleration depends on how big you are, and also how much you had for breakfast". See the world's smallest car in action, here's a link:

Anyway, while these cars may work well in the city, I don't see them doing well on highways, and a couple of them look downright dangerous. Most of them would have to be a second car just for the city.
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