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2012 Murano CD will not eject

I have a single disc CD player with a disc that plays but will not eject. When I press Eject I hear three quick beeps and it continues playing. There's no reset button that I'm aware of. I've disconnected the battery when it was replaced recently and that didn't make any difference. Anyone else experience this?
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Re: 2012 Murano CD will not eject

2 things to try:
1. The Power Plus Eject Button Trick: Depending on the kind of CD player that's installed in your vehicle it may have a reset feature that you can access by simultaneously holding down the power and eject buttons. In order to get this to work properly you should turn on your car and then turn it off again. With the car off, hold down the power button and eject buttons at the same time for a total of at least 10 seconds. Ideally this will cause the CD to pop out of the player. If that doesn't work, you could also try it again but this time with your car running. Follow the same process of holding down both buttons for 10 seconds.

2. Press the eject button and immediately take a spare CD, insert it into the slot at a slight downward angle and apply a slight amount of pressure on the inserted disc for a split second, then quickly remove your spare CD. This should engage the mechanism and allow the disc to eject.

Sometimes, the disc will pop up and will just be barely visible in the slot opening. When this happens, I take the spare CD and insert it slightly beneath the ejecting disc and apply a bit of upward pressure while "prying" the disc outwards and pressing the eject button.
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