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Car Modeling Share your passion for car modeling here! Includes sub-forum for "in progress" and "completed" vehicles.
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AF Car Modeling Tutorial and How-To Depository

This thread contains links to our AF Car Modeling Tutorials and How-To Articles.

Please remember to also read and review the AF Car Modeling Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] for general AF and Car Modeling topics (including How to Post Pictures Using the AF Photo Gallery - by GTmike400).


General Kit Modification:

How To wire an engine - by Willimo

Technique to lower the ride height - by joecwlaw

How to - Opening hoods, doors, etc. - by flyonthewall

How to Build your own body kit - by Rtuned

How to: Removing the Ribbing from vinyl or rubber tires - by DSM-Mark

How to convert rims - female to male - by flyonthewall

HOW TO..... Convert rims from male to female - by Honoturtle

Homemade Deep Dish Rims...How-To - by RyanGiorgio


Tire Scuffing Tool for Under a Dollar - by dag65

HOW TO - Scale Upholstery - by molina_aitor

HOW TO: Chop Top Tutorial - by GTmike400

Tutorial: Hinging Doors - by -Sk8er6811-

How to: convert a RHD to a LHD. - by willimo

Shieldwulf's Modelling Tips - by Shieldwulf

HOW TO: Improving/replacing clear parts - by klutz_100

How To: Alternative Flocking Technique - by klutz_100



DIY Chrome Foil Decals by Lambo003

HOW TO prepare a body for priming and painting - by primera man

HOW TO.....Use Rubbing Compound And Polishing A Body - by primera man

How to: Polishing with Meguiars Scratch X - by CADguy

How To: Painting Springs - by daggerlee

Flaming "How to" - by deedlit

Window Masks Templates (Several distinct applications listed) - by Hiroboy

HOW TO....Paint window frames and rubbers - by primera man

New Tamiya masking tape and a masking tutorial. - by Veyron

how to: quick/easy window trim - by spidereddie

How to make a paint stand by chrismcgee

How To Spray Small Parts - by dag65

How-to: Weathering a vehicle - by ol' dude

How To: Using Washes - by MPWR

Decanting spray paint for airbrushing - by ZoomZoomMX-5

Chromed finish Aluminum foil - by MaRiO FDZ


Using Aftermarket Accessories

SAS Wings in detail - How to make... - by flyonthewall

How To: Working With Carbon Composite Decals - by freakray

How to use Pegasus Rims (aluminum sleeves) work with other wheels - by Hiroboy

How To: Painting Photo Etch Badges - by freakray

Photo-etch detailing 101 - by Murco


Scratchbuilding Accessories

Resin Casting Part I - Making the mold - by dag65
Resin Casting Part II - Making the part - by dag65

HOW TO....Scratchbuild Mufflers - by Honoturtle

Intercooler - Scratchbuild How To... - by flyonthewall

HOW TO: Make Subframe Connectors-by CamaroSSBoy346

Drinking straw exhausts INSTRUCTIONS - by RyanGiorgio

Spring making tutorial - by Toughbeard

How to make Custom Coilovers - by k_dog

How To: Scratchbuilt Wing/spoiler - by GTmike400

How to make an air intake. - by willimo

HOW TO: Engine management electronics (AFC). - by jgmodelcars

HOW TO: Scratchbuild Headers - by 86_SR5

How to: make a bedcover for your pickup truck - by CamaroSSBoy346

How to make in-scale floormats -by slk320

HOW TO make tachometers - by z_dutchie

HOW-TO: Miniature PS2 - by Kasso

How-to: Make a 1/24 Snowboard - by Willimo

tutorial-titanium muffler tips - by chinesechickens

How to make AN/DF-fittings and braided hoses - by proosen

HOW TO...*Headrest TV Tutorial* - by crazy_boarder_dude

How to scratchbuild cycle fenders - by willimo

How-to: Scratchbuilding wheel flares & other parts using styrene - by Appleseed

How To Build a Roll cage - by GvEman

How To Make a Mexican Blanket

How to make a "fiberglass" sub case - by -Sk8er6811-

How to: Cast your own intercoolers - by Verminator

HOW TO: Build a detailed alluminium Tuner muffler - by Bas Carwash

How To: Shocks in under an hour. - by nasTone

How-To: Turbo, easy way - by Jurva

tutorial - fabricating hex heads w/lathe - by p9o1r1sche

How To : - Photo reduced gauges with out a camera! - by Lambo003

Realistic Side Markers - by Lambo003

HOW TO: Add a “Working” dip stick to your engine - by klutz_100

Scratchbuild Seminar 1-Getting Started - by GTmike400

Scratchbuild Seminar 2-The Basic Tools - by GTmike400

Scratchbuild Seminar 3-Materials - by GTmike400

Scratchbuild Seminar 4-Putty - by GTmike400

Scratchbuild Seminar 5-Styrene - by GTmike400

How to: Making a modern wiring harness - by 924_CarreraGTS

How to do your own PE parts in 1 hour
- by Gionc

Casting your Parts in 30 Min (No silicon rubber required !!!)
by leokc_ng


Kit-Specific Modification

Fitting Female Rims to a Tamiya Supra - by Hiroboy

Revell 1999 Chevy Silverado 6" Lift...again - by CamaroSSBoy346
Revell '99 Chevy Silverado 6" Suspension lift (Long step by step instructions) - by CamaroSSBoy346


Photography, Displays and Dioramas

HOW-TO Model Photography - by Flea

How To- making concrete/cement surfaces - by PRIVATEER

How To Make a Simple Parking Lot Diorama (asphalt surface) - by Renegade

How to- A Simple Diorama Setting - by klutz_100



Using Dial/Digital Calipers - by MPWR

EZ vacuumform machine . . . - by Lambo003

Dehydrator/Paint Drying Chamber - Wolvyreen

To have a thread added to this list, please PM a Car Modeling moderator.

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Re: AF Car Modeling Tutorial and How-To Depository

Model Kit Review Index

Plastic Kits:

Arii '77 Celica Coupe (Owners Club Series) - by windsordeluxe

AMT Camaro Z28 LT1 1993-1997 - by CamaroSSBoy346
AMT Ford Mustang GT500 – by Bloodhound
AMT Oldsmoile 442 W-30 - by drumcat
AMT/ERTL Dodge Stealth R/T TT - by 86_SR5
AMT/ERTL Elcamino - by supermod04
AMT/ERTL 1967 Mustang Fastback (The Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift) - by Flea

Fujimi BMW 5 Series (1989-1995) - by CamaroSSBoy346
Fujimi Honda NSX-R - by willimo
Fujimi Nissan S13 Silvia K - by Layla's Keeper
Fujimi Nissan 300ZX - by Blipman
Fujimi Nissan S14 Silvia K - by blueboost
Fujimi Nissan R32 GT-R V-Spec II - by aussie haiace
Fujimi Nissan S13 - by hks_kansei
Fujimi Subaru WRX STi – by gasman03

Hasegawa Lancia Stratos HF Stradale - by Layla's Keeper
Hasegawa/Revell Mitsubishi Lancer Evolultion VI - by Layla's Keeper

Polar Lights:
Polar Lights Pontiac GTO - by Toyotagt1

Revell Acura Integra Type R - by CamaroSSBoy346
Revell Camaro SS 2002 - by CamaroSSBoy346
Revell Chevrolet SSR - by CamaroSSBoy346
Revell Chevy SSR 2004 - by gasman03
Revell Corvette C5-R - 2001 Daytona - by CADguy
Revell Corvette C5-r Le Mans 2001 - by kingkai
Revell Corvette Roadster 1969 John Greenwood (1/25th) - by Layla's Keeper
Revell Datsun 240Z (1/25th) - by Layla's Keeper
Revell Datsun 510 (1/25th) - by Layla's Keeper
Revell "Deuces" - by Layla's Keeper
Revell Ford Focus SVT – by gasman03
Revell Ford Mustang GT Convertible 1987-1993 - by CamaroSSBoy346
Revell Ford Thunderbird 1992 Super Coupe 3n1 Lowrider - by CamaroSSBoy346
Revell Hummer H2 - by gasman03
Revell Impala SS - by Zcaithaca
Revell Impala SS - by CamaroSSBoy346
Revell Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX "GS-T" - by CamaroSSBoy346

Tamiya HondaS2000 - by willimo
Tamiya Jaguar XJR-9LM - by Layla's Keeper
Tamiya Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo Z32 Fairlady - by CamaroSSBoy346
Tamiya Nissan R32 GTR - by blueboost
Tamiya Mazda RX-7 R1 - by Sebstar
Tamiya Mercedes AMG C-Class DTM D2 - by chaos
Tamiya Nissan 300ZX - by Blipman
Tamiya Nissan 350Z - by chaos
Tamiya Porsche GT2 Club Racer - by slk320
Tamiya Subaru Imprezza WRX Sti - by chaos
Tamiya Toyota bB (Scion xB) – by gasman03
Tamiya Toyota Celica kits – by gasman03
Tamiya Toyota GT-1 TS020 - by willster127
Tamiya Toyota Supra MkIV - by willimo

Testors "Full Detail" Chezoom custom 1957 Chevy - by Layla's Keeper

Multimedia Kits:

Aston Martin DBR9 Head to Head Review - Model Factory Hiro vs. Reniassance
Renault 5 Maxi Turbo - Scuderia Italia.Lab
BMW M3 Sport Evo 1991 DTM - Transkit Studio27
Lancia Delta S4 - Profil 24
Porsche GT3 Road Challenge "Gordon" - Renaissance
Hyundai WRC San Remo 2000 - Reji
Opel Ascona 400 - Gass (Italy)
Maserati MC12 Racing 2005 - E.JAN
Lancia Fulvia Rally 1.6 HF Monte Carlo 1972
Porsche 962 Review - Model Factory Hiro
Renault Alpine A110 Gr.4 Transkit Wide Body - Scale Production
Kit Review: Mitsubishi Lancer WRC 2005 Studio27 TransKit
Ferrari 312F1 from the 1968 French Grand Prix - Model Factory Hiro
Peugeot 205 Pikes Peak - Renaissance
Ferrari 312 F1- 1969 Monaco - MFH
Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT - Scale Production
Aston Martin DBR-9 - Renaissance
Audi TT-R DTM 2002 - Rallye Classics
Corvette C5-R Lemans 2004 Transkit - Scale Production
405 pikes peak transkit - Reji Models
Lister „Knobbly” Jaguar 1958- Roaring Replicars

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Re: AF Car Modeling Tutorial, How-To and Kit Review Depository

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