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How to install SIRIUS aftermarket radio

Installed a Sirius aftermarket radio yesterday on a 1999 Bravada. Note that the only spot the I thought the radio could be mounted to without causing anydamage to the dash was on the smart-trak pop off cover just to the right of the gas gauge. Replacement smar-trak covers are readily available on Ebay for 7.95.

Tools needed- 5/16 socket driver (to remove parts of dash and radio)
dril and 1/4 bit
optional tools- volt meter, wire cutter, solder iron (if you direct connect the power)

Parts needed- SIRIUS external car stereo
FM direct option
GM antenna reducer (need 2, one for the in, one for the out and the are exact oppossites of each other. These can be purchased in the car stereo installation bay at Best Buy.

Before starting, it needs to be noted that the SIRIUS runs at 5 volts DC. Bravadas' are at 12 volts DC. Inside the SIRIUS cigarette power adapter is a step down transformer. If one wants to hook into the car stereo 12VDC (green wire) one has to convert/ retrofit the SIRIUS power adapter after the step down transformer. My Bravada has the power inputs- so I decided simply to use one of them. It looks very clean.

Step 1-
Remove the dash, this includes removing one screw above the gages and the lowe dash covers (4 screws). The lower dash covers can stay in place, they just need the screws removed and will fall about 2 inches to expose the upper dash screws that have to be removed. Remove two screws that hold the dash in place, next pull dash towars you about two inches and ten disconnect the light switch connector and the rear winshild/ hatch release connectors. Now pull the dash out of the vehicle and safely store. Be careful not to break the harzard signal switch when removing the dash cover.

Step 2-
Remove the radio and disconnect the power connector and the antenna connector. Next remove the sheetmetal frame that the radio sits in. Note the screws that mount the radio and sheetmetal fram look the same but are different.

Step 3-
Install the satellite antenna. I originally was going to install the antenna in front of the third brake light and run the wire through the third brake light. I spent a few minutes trying to remove the brake light and it was not going good, so I went wth plan B. Plan B went very easy I mounted the antenna on the roof just above the rear right passenger door. Ran the wire under the plastic trim between the front and rear door. Pulled the platic trim that rans along the front passenger doorand pushed the antenna wire just under the carpet to the glove box. Lowered the glove box and ran the wire behind this and over to the opening that covers the smart trak cover. Next I ran the power covrd from the power lighter (on of the extra oes to the right of the ash tray) and back behind the the smart track opening. Next I Installed the FM direct wire from the radio opening to he smart-track opening, and then added the GM antenna convertors.

Step 4
Install the sheetmetal frame for the radio. Install the radio connecting both the power connector and the antenna. Next put the dash back in place and remember to hook the connectors back to the switches (lights, rear washer and hatch button). Put the screws back in that secure the dash. NOTE- REMOVE THE SMART-TRAK FACE PLATE BEFORE REINSTALLING THE DASH.

Step 5
Drill a hole in the smart-trak cover and run wires through it. Mount radio holder to smart trak cover using screws or a glue gun. Hook wires to radio mount, snap smart-trak cover to the dash, slip radio into the mount.

Very easy to do, just have small hands for running wires from behind the glove box to the smart-trak opening.
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Re: How to install SIRIUS aftermarket radio

I found that hard wiring my aftermarket Sirius radio, with an fm modulator, right to the battery allowed me to keep it on overnight ( just the radio, not the modulator)....there is a 1.5 hour buffer memory that fills up on the dash mounted units, and this fills up overnight.

I listen to Howard stern in the morning, and as I drive into work, I fast forward through every commercial: worth the cost of Sirius right there! I do this to any talk radio show Sirius carries, and haven't listened to a commercial for over a year now!

Haven't had a battery issue yet, but I only do this when I know I'll be driving again within 24 hours.
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