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Model A Fords Talk about classic Ford Model A
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model a ford

How did the antique model a ford differs from the later mid century classic and modern computerized cars in general including the engine,fuel,oil,transmission,tires and etc?
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Re: model a ford

The Model a gets around 20 mpg on regular gas from a 40 hp 4 cylinder engine with a 3 speed transmission. Depending on the year of the car it had 19" or 21" wheels. The two levers on the steering column are for the ignition advance and throttle position (early version of speed control!) instead of a directional and wiper control. To start it you make sure it's in neutral, pull back on the emergency brake handle to set it, set the advance lever up and the throttle lever down about a 1/4 of the way. Turn on the ignition switch and pull out on the choke rod (way over on the right side of the dash) and press the starter button with your right foot. When the engine "catches" you release the starter button and choke rod while pulling down on the advance lever, pushing up on the throttle lever and controlling the engine speed with the gas pedal on the floor! If the engine stalls, you do it all over again! Modern car you just turn the key until it starts and then release the key. The Model A uses 30W non-detergent oil. The era heater, if you had one, is basically a box that sits on top of the exhaust manifold and is open in the front to allow air to enter and be heated by the exhaust manifold. The back of the box was open to the passenger compartment through a hole in the cowl by the passenger's feet. A metal flap pivots from side to side to open or close the hole. The modern car uses the heated water from the cooling system flowing through a heater core to provide heat. Some Model A's had electric wiper motors and others had vacuum operated wipers on the Driver's side. The Model A has mechanical brakes instead of hydraulics. These are just a few differences!
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Re: model a ford

That's a nice summation of a very vague and general question, one which could take volumes of pages to answer.

Old thread. I won't close it just yet though.
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Re: model a ford

there are not as much differences as u think. just the mileage part part is better than the others. and the hydraulics are absent instead of which they represented the mechanical brakes. and i thnk the 3 transmission engine with 40hp and 4cylinder are just normal as to the car. according to me there is not a vast difference. take a closer look at it properly.
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Re: model a ford

I was just willing to have it and mine relative's son is willing to sell it to me and i just love this..

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