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Re: Re: Nsu Ro80

Originally Posted by sub006
Acquiring NSU "saved" Audi. The NSU K70 became the Audi 80, 90 and 100 LS.
Actually, Audi was fine - it was VW that was heading for failure if they didn't acquire some "modern" companies soon, DKW was acquired for their experience with front wheel drive and water cooling, but their cars were all 2-stroke powered, for a while they used Mercedes engines to get the DKW "up to date" as the new Audi, once VW bought out NSU and merged them with Audi, they had a company that was knowledgeable about building fourstroke water cooled engines, so Audi was VW's first forrary into the modern front wheel drive, water cooled world.

The Ro80 is a car 20-30 years ahead of its time! The only weak link is the engine; early rotor seal technology doesn't last very long and all parts are hard to find. I read an article in a British motor enthusiast magazine that reported people who want to use their Ro's every day swap in a Mazda rotary!
The mazda engine swap is pretty common among the Ro80 owners.

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Re: Nsu Ro80

Good morning all, I'm responding to this thread because I may have a NSU 1000TT with matching numbers in the near future and could use some direction where I can get more information on others who might know a lot more about these cars, their value etc. Just looking for some direction.

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Re: Nsu Ro80

Since you are from Maine, it will likely be pretty difficult to find a pure NSU owners club anywhere near your area (ie on this side of the pond). You may have good luck with clubs centered around European cars of that era/vehicle size. Im sure if you attend a few car shows/picnics you will find people with similar types of cars who would be able to point you in a good local direction.

A quick search of google and I wasnt able to find an American NSU club (doesnt mean it doesnt exist, I just dont want to look for it)
The largest owners group appears to be in the UK:
English friendly links (also NSU USA club):
Another potentially useful one, especially for parts:
And a huge list of links, but many in other languages:

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Re: Nsu Ro80

Welcome to AF, good info, but check dates, this is an inactive 8 year old thread.
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