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Exclamation Skylines In The States. Read Before You Post !!!

Hey guys and gals. I am going to make this so very simple. There has been no less than 10 threads over the past couple of months about questions of legalizing and bringing in Skylines to the States.

I am going to lay this out in such simple terms.

#1. MotoRex is the ONLY company that will or can LEGALLY comply Skylines.
#2. RB Motoring and MotoRex sell them. Anyone who CLAIMS to sell them would have purchased them from either of these two, or had MotoRex comply them, OR THEY ARE NOT LEGAL FOR THE STREET.
#3. MotoRex is NOT GOING TO TELL you guys what has to be done in order to legalize the cars for the states. You are more than welcome to email them and ask but don't get your hopes up.
#4. NO OTHER COMPANY OR INDIVIDUAL Knows what needs to be done to legalize the cars. MotoRex has done all the crash testing to get the necessary information to legalize Skylines in the States. They have exclusive rights at this time! Don't believe what you hear or read on the net. Don't ask here where to go beside MotoRex or RB Motoring as none exists.
#5. Contact the Department Of Transportation if you don't believe what you are reading

From MotoRex's website of FAQ.

Q. Why are MotoRex's prices so high! I feel they are ripping people off!
A. (From MotoRex's website) We have had to go though all of the mandatory requirements for the DOT and EPA . Including crash testing , air bag testing , and OBD II to meet the Code of Federal Regulation requirements. Since Nissan did not perform any of these requirements , we have independently completed the research and development. The pricing reflects our cost of reseach and development.

Q. What modifications do you perform in order for the GT-R to meet US regulations ?
A. In order to protect our business interests, research and developmentcosts, the answer to this question is confidential. Some of the basic items that are changed are things such as US emissions, speedometer , crash structure , lighting , US VIN , warning , and information labels.

Q. I have a GT-R in another country, Can I import it into the States now ?
A. In order to import the vehicle to the US legally it must be imported though Motorex,Inc. .The cost for us to legalize a car for you varies from $16,000 - $25,000 depending on the year of the vehicle. This does not include shipping , bonds ,tarriffs , custom brokerage fee , and associated shipping fees.
The additional cost varies as the bond cost (450% of the value of the vehicle) , and tarriff cost(2.5% of the value of the vehicle) varies with the value of the vehicle , also shipping can be roll on/roll off or container. Expect the other costs to be $4000 - $5000 .

Q. Is the Skyline GT-R legal in Canada ?
A. We have passed all US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. We contacted the Canadian authorities and they told us that there was no direct import of non-originally complying vehicles.

Q. Are all the GT-Rs going to be right hand drive ?
A. Nissan only ever made the GT-R in a right hand drive version. MotoRex is only going to be selling right hand drive GT-R's. There are however some left hand drive GT-R's in the world. We have some detailed pictures of an R32 that was converted to left hand drive. We also have some other pics of left hand drive R33's. There is a company in the US with a left hand drive conversion. You can contact Skyline Motors at (714) 558 -7655 for more information on left hand drive conversions.

Now I do not want to see another thread started about this. If you do plan on it getting deleted! I will not warn, or remind anyone. If you have information that another company claims to be able to legalize Skylines you are to pm me with the details and website address and I will look into it personally. I will also do what I can to keep you guys as up to date informed on any developments as to another companies claims.

Paperwork would be the very ,very easy explaination and a wrong one. But if you actually want to know what we
have/had to do in order to legalize the Skyline first get familar with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards...

So first read though that to get familar with the standards.

Then you can check this page for some more information -

That starts to go into the DOT information. Thats the start of it and you haven't even seen a car yet...

But wait lets look at some more documentation first...just words first..or the paperwork side...

The EPA - keeping our environment safe

But wait theres more , and I am making it easy..I already found all these sites..

You want to import a car into California ? California has its own EPA the CARB

And they have their own rules and regulations.

So you think you are though all the paperwork ? Nope not yet...forgot all about the US Customs Service

So now you have a grasp of the rules and regulations.

Now lets talk about crash testing , emissions testing , DOT legal parts that do not exist for the Skyline.

Yes we did crash testing to certify the Skyline. There is no substaincially similar model sold in the US...

Emissions testing - the RB26DETT was not a legal engine until we did the certification on the motor.

Each and every vehicle that we import , we pay customs tarriffs on , we pay for the bonds , we modifiy the emission system to comply with US standards , we test every vehicles emission system , we add structual support that requires us to remove the entire interior , we modify the speedometer ,add a US VIN , add US required labeling,etc,etc ,each modification is photo documented , put into a package and sent to the DOT , there is a 30 day DOT hold on each vehicle , there is a 15 day EPA hold , and if the car is for California it goes to the smog referee, is tested, and then there is a 5 day California hold.

No it is not just "paperwork". If it were paperwork and it were so easy...wouldn't we , shouldn't we be seeing S15's
, Lancer Evos ,22Bs , A-Class ,Lotus Omegas , Holdens , and lots of other "unobtainables" here in the US ? [/b]

Let me just repeat this for those that are maybe fuzzy on this. DO NOT BLOODY START ANOTHER THREAD ABOUT THIS. IT WILL BE DELETED AND YOU WILL BE WARNED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You don't own a Skyline, then don't cry to me about it!
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