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Transit The original tradesman van and perfect for robbing banks.
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A 2020 Transit Connect Build

Here's a refresher:

Back in 2015, We purchased a new Ford Transit Connect XL Cargo. If one was to read the old post here it would show that we were attempting to do something with the van. But never got around to. We kept the van till April of 2020 then traded it in. We brought home a new 2020 Transit Connect 2.0L XL cargo.

There was two main difference in the 2015 & 2020 Connects.. First off, Ford got it right. We hated the dash display as one could not see the gauges. But then Ford Got it wrong.. The 2015 seats were more comfortable than the 2020 Connect. But we were able to make alterations to the seat with the use of 50mm Skateboard wheels. These wheels once placed under the rear of the seat frame rails. Lifted up and pushed forward the front seats. This small adjustment has made a world of difference.

After adjusting the seats, it was time to start in and do something crazy with the van. We went through 3 sets of different wheels ranging in size from 16'', 17'' and now 19''. Currently we're on 19''x8.5 AXE Wheels w/245/40/R19 Nokian tires. This has to be one of the best setup we've ever had on any car or truck we've ever own.

Then about 1 years ago, we get word or hear rumors that the 2018 Ford Focus parts could fit on the 2020 Connect. In order to test this rumor, we were invited to Hotchkis racing in the heart of NASCAR country. Once at the shop, we placed the van on the lift and dropped the Connect's engine cradle. We made way for the Hotchkis 32mm sway bar designed for the Ford Focus RS. The sway bar mounted up, except came in contact with the two main uprights locate and designed into the engine cradle. This meant that the rumor of a Focus sway bar fitting on the Connect was False. Thx to John Hotchkis for clearing up this false Rumor.

Oddly enough while searching for other options, we learn that there is another Ford vehicles that uses the same engine cradle as the Transit Connect. The 2013-2019 Ford KuGa (Escape) has an identical engine cradle. However the Kuga's 25mm sway bar would not be worth dropping the Connect cradle for the install.

But not all is lost, seems there is a company in Taiwan that offers a 28mm Performance sway bar designed for the KUGA, Escape & Focus. Assuming that the Kuga Cradle is identical to the Connect, this could mean the 28mm sway bar should fit the Connect.

Then we get word that Cobra Suspensions has a set of 40mm rear lowering springs for the van. Those springs just arrived last week and we'll be installing those in a few weeks. All that we've posted above took place within the last 2 years of owning the new 2020 Connect.

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