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Unhappy Too much white smoke/fumes. Pls help.

Mustang problem My 2003 Ford Mustang has too much white smoke coming out. It happens when the car is running. I wait for 45 seconds and still more and more smoke is coming out. I turn it off. Smoke stops. Something smells. The smoke is coming from all over. The night before, i had put a full 5 quarts of motor oil in it and still it felt like it needed more and thatís all i bought. I thought maybe it was burning all that oil, maybe it got somewhere it shouldnít be, i felt pretty safe when i put it in but seeing all that smoke makes me think it could be something else bad or worse. I canít tell at all. I donít know squat. Iíll note this too, just a few days before that. I drove my own car to work by myself. Takes 8 miles to get there. My dumbass left the car battery on. I didnít push back the switch, I come back 8 hours later to a dead car. I wait for mom to bring her small charge kit, its one of those portable charges that has a limited amount of times it can charge on. She charges it, Start ignition and thatís when i see a decent amount of white smoke coming from all over the car. I didnít know what to think of it, I turn off car but Mom says donít do that again because it still wonít start on its own. We repeat everything except there was no white smoke this time, so now I follow Mom home. Park car. Turn off. Also a few days before that day. I drive my sister to work, about 4 miles there but without the motor oil cap on. When driving there, it was jolting a lot. We get there feeling something is off. We can smell something. Decent fumes from the exhaust. I turn it off and walk around mall for an hour. Leave to go home, felt the jolting again. Im home, I park. I donít touch the car until the next two days someone hands me an oil cap. Realizing that i had drove without the cap taking sis to work and back. I had to clean under the hood but it had dried under the hood part, you can tell a lot if not all the motor oil I put it that day had spelt out. Oil spot on the ground. Before the day driving my sis to work, car was fine, it had been driving fine all along until this point. Iím starting to feel too irresponsible now. I donít want to run down my first car ever. This feels god damn shameful that Iím getting problem after problem. Months before this. It had a fuel pump problem that cost me over $800 to fix. Car had a lot of maintenance done because itís quite aged. The shop said it has a lot of leaks, all over the car that they said cost $1000s to fix. Maybe this matters or not. Just trying to give yall the most information as much as I can. Car did cost 4k. +300 extra because I did a personal loan. I kinda rushed for it when it got listed. It had driven fine those times until it had the fuel pump problem. Drove fine after that and now I have this present problem with all the smoke coming out. Mom keeps telling me to just sell it because itís giving more problems than it being practical. But i like this mustang style, I just donít feel smart with it yet I want it to last. Car is hitting 20 years old next year. Miles are 155k. What do I need to do next? Mom says i should buy another 5 quarts because I donít see the top of the oil yet, then she wants to charge battery but I kinda want to take battery to autozone and have them juice it up but i still donít want to start it if what Iím doing is making things worse. Why did it not shoot all that white smoke before? Does driving 4 miles somewhere and back from one day without the motor oil cap on do serious irrevocable engine damage? Please tell me Iím not gonna break my bank or if my mustang isnít worth it what I should sell it at. I really wanna keep it. Please and thanks.
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Re: Too much white smoke/fumes. Pls help.

The last time I put a bunch of oil in an engine- it was because my dipstick was not going into the oil pan- it was sliding through a joint into the open air and not reading the oil level at all. Be sure yours is okay. The smoke could be because you have 5 quarts too much oil in your engine now.

If smoke is absolutely white, then that usually means you are burning coolant- have you been losing coolant on your radiator?

The best way to measure oil properly would be to drain it and put in the proper amount listed in the owner's manual under oil capacity.

Engines won't run well at all with too much oil in them--probably act like what you are experiencing...
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