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Me: (here we go again )

Helmet: full face helmet at all times. Not only is it FAR safer, but the only legal way in PA

Jacket: some jacket at all times. I have a lightly "armored" leather jacket as well as an "armored" mesh jacket. Have I ever gone without those?? Yes, but I don't feel safe doing so. Asphalt isn't kind.

Pants: I admit it... :o I only wear jeans to ride. And they aren't even Draggin' Jeans at that... I fully intend on either perfed or textile armored pants in the next year or so. I'm thinking about getting into Pocketbike racing, so I'll need them.

Boots: I have some heavy duty trekking boots I got from Eastern Mountain sports. They are thick cowhide, and they come over my ankles for protection. I'll eventually get racing boots if I do get into racing, but that'll be a while.

Gloves: I'm naked without my gloves. Granted, they are a light, thin textile, but that's 3 more skin grafts I'm getting out of just b/c I bothered to velcro them on
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