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Re: Dauer and B Engineering

Originally Posted by J.J.Horst
At the auction most of the equipment went back to the suppliers, as they were never paid for what they had delivered. All parts were sold to Monaco Racing Team of Monaco, they kept the EB112 parts and 3 or so chassis for the EB112 (plans were to build up a few more, anybody knows if that ever happened?),

2 more have been built. 1 sold to Klebanov driving it in Geneve, 1 keept from Pastor and the original one is owned 50% from Pastor and 50% from Giuggiaro
other parts were sold on to Dauer racing, who used these to build some 5 more EB110's.

There is not much history known after that, some articles on the EB110's, especially their racing feats and a story of how the factory was almost sold, can be read in back-issues of the Bugatti revue:
8 more by Dauer, 2 more by B.Engineering an another by Visioli

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