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Clark Gable's 1935 Duesenberg Model J Convertible Coupe

This Duesenberg was originally owned by movie star Clark Gable, who commissioned Bohman & Schwartz, coachbuilders in Pasadena, California, to restyle this Model J Convertible Coupe - a car originally built by the Rollston Body Company of New York.

Designer W. Everett Miller worked closely with Gable to carry out his wishes, and the result remains a stunning and personal statement as bold and rakish as the actor himself.

The top was lowered to fit the steeply canted windshield, the hood was extended past the firewall to the windshield, and unique air scoops were added to the top of the hood. The sweeping fender lines and the dual rear-mounted spares further lengthen the automobile; the design, overall, is breathtaking and beautiful.

Clark Gable drove this car on many trips during his romance with star, Carole Lombard. Following her tragic death in an airplane crash, Gable left the Duesenberg in Canada with the hope it would be sold and he'd never have to see it again.

This Duesenberg has a 420 cubic inch I-8 with 265 hp at 4,200 rpm. It went for $16,000 when it was new. It can be seen at the Blackhawk Museum.

Duesenberg SJ Bohman & Schwartz Town Car

Duesenberg J Bohman & Schwartz Roadster

Duesenberg SJ Murphy

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