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Jeep renegade experience

I've owned this thing almost 4yrs and can tell you it's not built the best lol let's start with it's a rough shaky rattly ride at 82k miles now. In the past 6 months I've replaced many parts, but it all began with a weird electrical glitch, where the remedy is to disconnect the battery to reset the computer. Got in and the windows wouldn't work and the awd couldn't be turned on. Happens randomly. Then my temperature sensor went bad causing an engine light and weird jerking, and stalling. I replaced this senior and it drove fine again. Then I had a scraping sound begin, and come to find out, the brake shields rotted off. Easy repair and cheap. Did all the rotors and pads, outer tie rods, swat bar end links, tires and alignment. Recently, my wife said it felt sluggish, so I changed the air filter and spark plugs. Drives a little better now. Only issue now, is a random clunk at slow speeds. With that said, it's a great little cuv. It's pretty capable off road, and in the snow. More then anyone will probably need in fact. It's been pretty useful for us, and it's pretty cheap. It's a chrysler product, so it will need some fixing.
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