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Buying first car in 4 months, any tips?

Hello, this is my first post on this forum or any car forum really. I'm 17, in roughly 3 months, i'll be turning 18. Due to issues i'd rather not discuss, i could not get learners permit at 16 to get license before, so when i turn 18, i'll take the 6 hour online drivers ed course, then get permit then take the test. I'm thinking that might add a month or couple weeks to the date i'll actually get my license, so i'll be buying the car in about 4 months time. I want something that is a little diffrent, or fun, or luxirous, just not completely lifeless commuter car like a corolla or something.

I've been looking at dozens of diffrent cars to pick one i want, but i cannot choose a favorite. I've looked at Chevy C10s, Miatas & MR2s, Cobalts, Lincoln LSs & Mark IV, Mercedes W126s, and everything in between. I really want to pay cash for my car. I work part-time at a library, I have $3000 saved right now, in the extra 4 months ill probably get an extra $1-2.5k, depending on how well i save. However, i am extremely tempted to ruin myself financialy and get a Fiesta ST on credit.

Right now, the one i'm looking at the most is a Miata, either NA or NB model. If your only thing againt them is that they're girly or whatever, please don't mention it, i'll completely ignore anything you say. I like that they seem to be a blast to drive and aren't too bad on gas. Another one i'm liking is a SN95 Mustang GT. They're not the best looking mustang and they're everywhere, but they are cheap and half decent on gas. The thing i'm most concerned about is insurance. Also, i don't know if it needs premium gas, that would be a negative. A lincoln LS, or a Lexus SC400 are also considerations. Those will be pretty bad on gas and i know they need premium, plus the insurance would be higher, but i really dig the interiors and exteriors on both. For a while i was in love with the idea of a stepside shot bed C10, until i saw they got ~10mpg. I also liked the Focus zx3, heard they're pretty fun little cars, while being good on gas, practical, and cheaper insurance.

My plan for the car is to use it until i graduate from university and possible a year or so after that. Then, i'll buy something like a fiesta ST for a daily then make the first car into a weekend/track car. If all goes well, ill graduate 2016 high school in 2016 with a 2 year associates degree, so i'll spend less time in college. In other words, i plan to daily the car for 2-4 years before possibly doing something like a engine swap or something crazy and making it a weekend/track car. This is mainly a consideration for the smaller, lighter cars, i don't really want to turn a merc w126 into a track car. Would be interesing, but not really my thing.

What i'm asking is, any suggesting for a first car, anything to look out for, anything you wish you'd known before buying your first car, just anything a first time car buyer who loves cars should know.
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